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    Stock Valve

    Where can i find a complete stock valve (and bolt if possible) set? I want to get a mini mag but really want the center feed and rather than trying to find a center feed or get a airsmith to do it i would like to get one from the attic. But cant afford that and a gun if you know what i mean. I would rather basically build a stock gun out of that. Maybe i will just ask for the gun and the body instead of upgrading anything else for christmas? Thanks!

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    cheap used valve here in the AO classified forum, on EBAY, and other forums... new here... its probibly just cheaper to buy a classic mag/ Mini mag, keep the valve and sell the rest.

    the reason the lone valve is so much is that AGD is trying to get people to get retros so they dont have to keep warentying the old valves....i think.
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    send tunaman from here a pm. he had some last time i heard.....
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    don't forget rogue factor, he's probably got em ad well.

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