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Thread: Dreams do come true, The ultimate paintball gun!

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    Cool Dreams do come true, The ultimate paintball gun!

    Just a little background
    28 yrs old
    Michigan State University student
    Owned my own paintball field for 3 yrs
    Cocker Tech
    Mag & RT tech.
    14 yrs of paintball playing experience.

    I have seen all sorts of paintball guns come and go. I have owned almost all of the popular makes and models of paintball guns. It has always been my opinion that mags are the best paintball gun design, simple to work on, cheap to fix/maintain, durable...the list goes on. With only one problem...chopping, mag triggers don't like me

    The only way I could combat this is with an e-trigger gun, and even these still break paint due to many factors. Now we have an upgrade from the best (my opinion) company in paintball that actualy stops the bolt from chopping paintballs! Yippe!

    I just picked up another Classic RT for $200 and will soon be shooting it with the LvL 10 and making ppl wish they had a mag....LOL Just love the sound of that.


    PS...Even better 26+ shots per second, no chopping, and NO BATTERIES INCLUDED!!!!!!
    AGD Classic RT
    AKA Viking

    MSU Student

    WGP Cert. Tech
    AGD Cert. Tech

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    Classic RT for 200....

    There anymore left?


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    Haha. (crowd begins chanting) WE LOVE A G D! WE LOVE A G D!

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    And another one!!

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