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Thread: GA AO Monthly Meet (chat time)

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    GA AO Monthly Meet (chat time)

    We did not have an October meet!!!

    Our NOVEMBER MEET is going to be at the BIG SC AO EVENT! (just click the link in my sig)

    what we need to work on now, is the December meet. I want to shoot for the first/second weekend this time. So we can stick to it. The thrid weekend is to close to "bill" time ... =]

    I also went down to Dan's Land over the weekend and talked with him.... he is willing to cut us a deal!!!

    (this is what he threw out)
    $20 per person, and then maybe BYOP! That's all day air and field fee in that $20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Plus his paint is a GOOD price, he doesn't double his price to sell.. and you can pick different paint too... hotspot is going for $55 a case.. (I might be mistaken') but he said he'll work with us on paint!!!

    I might try and see if the proshop will be willing to sell to me at "team price" .. cause the owner of the proshop.. it's his brother that owns the field...

    they have TWO really nice speedball fields and three woodsball fields.. (but who wants woodsball)
    the field is much better then GA 2.0 .. and it's a LOT CHEEPER!

    the only thing is... it's South, and I know someone of you would have a hard time making it.

    Give me your thoughts on it...
    I'm going to see if we can pull together a southside meet everyother month, and then a northside meet on the "other" month.

    I'll get prices on what he wants to do.... and bring it forth...
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    How far south are we talkin'? I live in Gwinnett and would be willing to make, depending on how far south. Are we talking Riverdale, Fayettville, Macon? Just curious. Thanks.

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    I cant make it to dansland.. I'm sorry.. its too far south..
    The only fields that I could go to are Georgia Paintball 2, Paintball Atlanta (RIPOFF) or American-Paintball wich is being remodeled right now and its website is down.
    If I had a car I would do it, but my parents wont drive me that far.. its not that I Wouldnt do it, its that they wouldnt do it..

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    maybe we can work a ride out with you...

    it's just off I75 on hwy 16. Exit 212.

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