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Thread: Pissed With Agd!!!

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    Angry Pissed With Agd!!!

    I'm pissed!!!! my mag doesn't work and i cant get any help cuz i live in a hole and there is no actually paintball gun shops in my province!! i cant get help here either! i've gotten sugestions about how to try and fix it but it keeps getting worst! i got the problems listed in my other thread there is none and never were any stars on my valve, there's no way i'm paying to send my gun back and get ripped off by AGD any more....i'm all ready getting shafted on teh whole them sending me stuff but not replying to my and even just having this gun makes me hate AGD! i'm never buying another AGD product ever! i dont care if they're giving them away! i've been trying to trade it for a tippy a5 or a cocker if i could get one not likely for my mag...anyways i've wasted enought time and money on things that aren't gonna work and i'm sick of's not like they actually even read this stuff or like they care about they're cutomers! they're just selling out!
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    Sorry man.
    What are your problems?
    Im sure they cant be to serious.
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    and why is this in deep blue again...?

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    Yea, mods, please move this to another forum.

    josh, if you want to get help here, you are going to have to post your problems. I read your first thread also, and you didn't post anything there either. If you won't post your problems, I think that you should call AGD, they will help you.

    And you should'nt get mad at AGD just because your gun is screwed up. It probably isn't their fault. It could be user error, lack of maintenance, just regular wear that needs to be fixed, or it actually might be a problem with the valve as it was manufactured, but it didn't sound like this was a new marker.
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    i wonder if this guy really even has a mag?

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    I've had a few problems with mags, but they only ever last as long as it takes to clean a couple of "O" rings. Never have I used a more reliable marker. So try like was suggested posting the problems and not just slagging off the AGD guy's.
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    Post your problems if you want help, otherwise...

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    the answer to all your problems:
    MOVE! get outta kanukville..
    your gun will start working too......

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    call AGD...i will bet you $5(Canadian wich means $.50 USD ) that AGD will take it back for fre adn return it fixed....

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    kanukville..that was kinda mean..but yet still funny..

    well,i hope you get your mag working...

    and I also hope you dont think a cocker will do any better than ur mag..

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    In my opinion a cocker--even one that's stock minus the barrel--will do better for you than a mag, since your mag doesn't have many upgrades and most people who don't like how mags feel find cockers much faster out of the box (compared with classic mags with stock triggers.) I know I certainly did.

    That's until your cocker goes out of time and you try to fix it or you try to upgrade it and everything goes wrong. Cockers are REALLY complex, and one little problem can lead to many others (leaky 3 way, then leaky ram, then leaky pneumatics hose, blah blah blah it's quite a pain.) And if a part on a cocker breaks, good luck--pneumatics hose can go all the time, and cockers can randomly go out of time occasionally. If you don't have a proshop or friends who are good with cockers, don't buy one...although I really like them myself.

    Can't recommend the A5 either since it's basically a tippmann with an internal revvy, what a waste on money when a 98 custom and a revvy costs like 160 dollars (american.) Sorry you don't like the mag, though I'm not a huge fan of stock mags either but I do consider them very reliable....

    Also resale value ain't great nor is exchanged rate, nor is it good that your mag is broken and you're trying to sell it. Good luck.....

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    That guy is a fruit. He posted a bunch of nonsense, never returned to see what we had to say, and probably could have fixed everything if he just went out and bought a mag parts kit and replaced all the orings and such. I know when I bought my mag it was old and well used. It never worked incredibly reliable until one day it dawned on me, "hey I'm just going to clean this baby up and replace everything replacable." So I busted out some water, q-tips, and a parts kit and went to town. The thing works like 100% better now...

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