Looked around and didn't see that this had been done here.
My family plays this game via email and have now had one story going for about 9 months continuously.

Here's how it works, I'll start the story with the first line. Subsequent people add a line at a time to the story and see how long we can keep it going.
Read the story and try to keep it going in a similar vein. That is to say, use your line to build upon the previous part of the story. Add characters, tell a joke within the story etc etc.

the big rule is this, you only get to add ONE line at a time and you must wait until there's another line from another poster before you go again. other than that, have at it...

format: please quote the line from the previous post, and add yours directly below it. if you want to comment off the story set your post up like this:

previous line of story
your line of story...

----------------------------------------------------- add this line

your comments....

let's have some fun!