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Thread: LVL10 VS. irbodden conflict PLEASE READ

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    LVL10 VS. irbodden conflict PLEASE READ

    I would like to just throw this out into the open because i have noticed some speculation. I, am not Level10 back again with a new screen name. Level10, is my older brother, as we now share the same AOL handle because we are soon switching to broadband internet access. If you ahve a problem trading with me, because i am related to level10 please feel fre not to trade. i have plenty of referances and know many people that are prominent on the board if you would like assurance. I will soon be on a new AOL and AIM handle, and would jsut like to clear up any confusion related to the one AIM sn with 2 AO members.
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    I can vouch, as can a few other AO members: Bob is a good trader - LEVEL10 is NOT.

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    RogueFactor: yes thank you for finding these psots for me. he has been posting on some of my threads i assume, this is speculation, because i have not talked to him in a few days. i must be more careful with my AO password evedently.

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