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Thread: RT vs RT Pro

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    Try the test if you can. It will not even slightly move the ball when I do it with my Shocker. This is an issue because for while the "suction" was touted as a big feature by many cocker and shocker smiths. If (a HUGE if) there were any help at all, it is so miniscule (over the help provided by lack of blowback) the it wouldn't even be worth mentioning. People charged money for this type of setup and advertised based on it. Since it (the suction) does virtually nothing I find that it to be misleading and wrong for those who used to make a big deal out of it. That's while I brought it up.

    From a poster at PB Nation:

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    Thumbs up Hope this helps.........

    If you have a chance to get an RT cheap, pick it up. The lvl 10 will fit on it and it will work great. Same great customer service as all AGD markers. I just bought another one for $200 bux. Not a bad investment. You SHOULD be able to find one under $350. I would buy one quick though after AGD starts realy advertizing the lvl 10 they will be very hard to get and not as cheap.

    About the valves.

    I'm a certified RT tech. From what I can remember the difference in the valve (besides dimentions) is that in the Classic RT the top of the valve pin is slightly bigger. Because of this you can get a slightly more reactive trigger (more push with less pressure) than on the Retro-valve. Now this increase will be small but it is possible. They will cycle at the same speed!

    The original RT stood for REACTIVE TRIGGER the new RT stands for RETRO VALVE.

    Hope this info helps you out some.

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