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Thread: what kind of paintballs???

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    what kind of paintballs???

    what kind of paintballs are farely cheep but have a real brittle shell. i want a paintball that will break on EVERY impact. I have been recomended all star and anarchy. All star is supposed to be used with low pressure. i have a retrovalve with venture bolt running 850 psi. will this matter. and if it will will a level 10 fix the problem.

    ive heard anarchy breaks and doesn't break on target, which is it?

    What kind of balls should i buy???

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    The most brittle pait I have ever seen and used has been WorrPaint!! This stuff will break by just looking at it hard!!! And my level 10 handled it beautifully!!! I broke a few in the pods, some in the hopper, and none in the gun itself!!!
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    what kind of warpaint? i sometimes shoot the stuff that the paintball field i play at sells for 50 a case, and its hard stuff. i think it is the competition bc it comes in a green box. it may just be the practice paint though. is what your thinking of the same stuff, or is it domination or perfection
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    Talking Hard paint is the way to go

    bah! who wants brittle paint? remember the days befor L10 when you put the hardest shell paint you could possibly find in your mag because anything else would be obliterated. Proball Platinum, that's the real thing.

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    not warpaint........"worrpaint" is made by WGP.

    allstars or the new evil will work well. I shot evil all weekend with my spyder and I didn't have one bounce. even really small twigs was breaking this stuff.

    and as far as your gun running on 850 PSI. that is what the tank puts out, not what the gun runs at. a mag has an internal reg that bring that pressure down to about 350-400PSI. and even less preesure than that hits the ball.(someone said about 60PSI, not sure I believe it is that low, but ballpark) The LX system will help too, cause it is more gentle on brittle paint and you wont chop anymore.

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    yeah i know worrpaint, i spelled it wrong. but the retro valve shoots at 300-400 psi?? i thought only hte stock valves had the regs in them. was i mistaken?? thanks

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    yes, you were mistaken.......all automags have a reg biult in. that is what the REG SEAT oring would be for.

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    oh, haha. and i have even messed with the reg seat. my bad. thanks for the information, now i dont have to be as ignorant.

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