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Thread: L10 suxing in Cold ! *help*

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    Thumbs down L10 suxing in Cold ! *help*

    today, Temp was Mid-low 40, shooting very brittle proball.
    I can't complain, I didn't CHOP a single ball!!
    First LV10 set up is as follows

    Carrier 2, with broken in 2.5 o-ring
    3 shems
    Med Springs

    When I first gased up and clocked in, great... 291,290,292,291,290

    after first game (600 rounds)
    a small leak from the barrel. I de-gassed it, and let it sit.
    Next game...
    Shot great, end of the game (400 rounds) started to vent heavier from barrel.
    I de-gassed it.

    next game...
    Venting Heavy down the barrel, 300 rounds and the bolt STOPPED firing. *bolt stick*

    I changed the LX10 set up to
    1.5 carrier, 2.5 broken in o-ring
    2 shems
    Med Spring

    gassed up, fine for 300 shots, then a heavy vent from the barrel.

    I changed the LX10 set up to

    1 carrier, 2.5 broken in o-ring
    2 shems
    med spring

    worked fine for 200 shots, then HEAVY venting from barrel
    I changed LX set up to

    .5 carrier, 2.5 broken in o-ring
    *different o-ring inside the carrier*
    2 shems
    small spring

    no more leaks... and was fine on paint for the most part (shot 600 rounds)
    then a slight leak from the barrel!!!

    ok, that's where I'm at... the danged thing leaking from the barrel...

    wanna take a stab and try to help...
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    similar weather here: mid40s & windy.
    not sure my setup, but its been the same since I installed the lev10. 2 shims, middle spring, and the "starting" carrier recommendation. No bolt stick or leaks.
    Only issue is erratic velocity (+- 10fps)
    Shot 3000 ball today and no breaks.
    last time played, shot 4000 ball and no breaks.
    have had no leaks or anything.
    paint was diablo blaze, inferno and kick-n

    funny thing is my lev10 bolt has not engaged once and i play back so I shoot a lot and shoot fast.
    The biggest aid to the mag was the new parabolic plug. this little $2.00 part has done more to prevent breaks for me than the lev10.

    Can't help on tweaking as i have not had to do so once, other than to say get the new plug if you don't have one (and have a power feed mag)


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    I'm going to go back to the bassic set up..

    2 shems
    #2 carrier, #2 carrier o-ring
    Med Spring

    see what that gets me...

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