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Thread: Buyin a mag

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    Buyin a mag

    Hey all im buying a mag, and idk which type, so after alot of careful consideration, i am gonna post a poll lol.
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    btw i know i didnt include emags, thats because i dont have enough for one.

    if you have any suggestions, like for a different body, please post them.

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    i would say the rt pro because it comes with inteliframe, level 10(dont hold me to that one) and retro valve. its a great gun.
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    Retro and RTP will be basically the same setup, so it's a matter of asthetic choice. I personally like my ReTro 'mag, but I'd also take an RTP any day. It's ALL preference there. Definitely go ReTro if you have the money though, it's worth every penny.
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    btw, one more thing: i dont have that big of a budget, at most 500 bucks, so let that impact ur decision, but ill be buying the gun, nitro tank, and hopper(and maybe a warp feed) used since till now i havent owned any of those and its too expensive to buy all-new.

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    In that case, I suggest you visit the classifieds. Look for a good used RT or RTP, and everything else. But I would look for RTP first, unless the used RT has the intelliframe already.
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    the RTP is smoother then a ReTro. Get a RTP and then get a cheap nitro tank. save up for a while and buy either a max-flo, mac dev conquest, or flatline 4.5k. the warpfeed can wait for a while.
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    I say try them both out to make sure if you'd rather pay the extra $200 for a retro/lvl X

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