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Thread: More run-away Emag problems... Kinda long...

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    More run-away Emag problems... Kinda long...

    I'm looking for ideas, but will be putting things back to the way that they were before in the mean time to see if it fixes the problem.


    Here's the problem, my Emag, in manual mode (battery is dead) will runaway every time I pull the trigger. It will shoot about 50 shots then vent down the barrel until I kill the air source using my slide check.

    This problem started when I changed a few things around so I'll describe how it was, how it is, and of course I'm going to go back to how they were originally - but would still appreciate comments.


    I started out with an Emag with a hopper-right main body and a unique valve. The valve was a front half of a Retro valve and the Emag back from the valve that came with the gun. I did this because I liked the gas input left port on my Retro valve but wanted the Emag name. Anyhow, for several reasons (I understand now) this didn't work out well. The issues were: no quad-oring, the valve bottom hadnít been drilled out and the on/off pin was to long. (It did have the all brass on/off) I sent the gun back to AGD and they:

    - drilled out the valve bottom,
    - put the quad oring in,
    - and put in the .712 pin.

    Everything worked FINE.


    I just got a chrome "no-rise" body to run without the warp for a change. I also decided to put the original ReTro valve back onto the front - replacing the Emag back. (It bugged my that the serial numbers didn't match)


    This doesn't make sense. The valve front from the Retro (The one drilled out by AGD) has the correct pin length (verified .712 with calipers) and quad oring. Changing the back from the Emag one (the one that came back from AGD on the gun) wouldn't change anything - as far as I know. I'm thinking that possibly the no-rise body might have different dimensions then the original - but kind of discount that because it is an "Emag" body and if anything the chrome seems like it would be thinner then the black stuff on the old (hopper right) body. The problem looks like to short an on/off pin, but you would think if the chrome was a thinner finish, then the pin would turn out to long not to short.

    I'd appreciate any help. I'd like to figure out this weird problem. In my mind, with the brass on/off, quad oring, and .712 pin everything should be working fine.


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    cledford - do you have aim? or icq? if so, msg me.

    does the Emag work fine with the no-rise and the Emag reg?
    have you checked that your bumper/bolt spring are fine? are you sure your velocity is high enough?

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    Sorry, no IM.

    Original bumper and spring. Spring has less then 10 cases on it and was working fine.

    The emag valve doesn't work - wrong pin length. It has .712, but is the old style which required .725 (I believe - it is in other thread)

    I turned velocity screw up until it vented.



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