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Thread: A true liar..

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    Angry A true liar..

    Ok about the guy who posted He did not make you know why? hmmmmmm I made it! lol I find this funny but im going to edit the front page to say dont trust this monkey loving Darwinian! nice site you guys got here though..

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    that is a funny post. can we put that in the hostoric section?

    he seemed like a rip off.

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    I agree! TO THE HISTORIC POSTS IT MUST GO! Hehe, funny schtuff'!


    GO HERE!:

    The Witherspoon News! Sign the guestbook! It better than sunglasses, and twice as fragrent!

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    He's a ripp off artist. He takes the money and never produces anything...

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    My post got taken out of historic posts

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    <--- going to ask a couple questions.

    What are the odds that someone would come to AO and start an account and post sites that they "made" and ask for work..... and on the SAME day the actual person who "made" the site found out that someone else claimed they made their site. Then THEY also created an account on AO to refute the claim.

    Now, how many sites are on the WWW? I don't need exact numbers, but a close estimate within 40 or 50 million would be fine.

    Now, with that huge amount of sites out there, do you think even Microsoft could tell someone had claimed they made THEIR site, and refute it on the same day? And with all their resources? Let alone some small out of the way site that maybe a handful of people (in perspective) would even know about.

    And if he did it HERE, how many other Forums has he pulled this on? Now.... if the two posters are NOT the same person (and no, having two different IP Addresses means very little), then how did the owner of the site know where to clear his name from so quickly?

    I think HEAT is onto something, but might not be going far enough.

    I personally would not trust either of them. I wonder if the Elves would leave me a gift to play with?

    It is all a bit too coincidental for my taste. But you all know me....

    (added note: I just checked times of posts, and the guy confessed to posting the wrong site before the other guy accused him of lying about it. If the guy was notified by someone HERE that his site was misrepresented, but then recanted... why would he NEED to come and cry "lyer"? It would have already been old news, simply because the other guy already ADMITED it and pointed it out himself. More games I guess. Again, I would still not trust either of them. )
    “The richest man is not the one who has the most, but the one who needs the least.”

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    Really now, I could care less who made the site or who is a liar. This thread is based off of a thread that was locked and will be locked too.

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