OK...I was asked by Ken to show the 12 inch All American Freak tip. I believe this is a 12 inch AA (even though a bit longer than a 12 inch tear drop but it is shorter than a 14 inch tear drop). But Freak tips on the mag have little relation to normal Barrel sizing due to the multiple Gun application of the Freak Tips. So we shall demonstrate that so you can make the right choice of tip length to get close to the actual barrel length that you wanted. This picture shows what were represented to be a 14 inch Tear Drop (top one) 12 inch AA (middle one) and a 12 inch tear drop (bottom one). You will note the variation in the two listed as 12 inch.

It is my conclusion that if you like a 11 to 12 inch barrel you could get a 10 inch tip. 13 to 14 inch barrel? Then get the 12 inch tip and so on. That 14 inch tip gives you a 15 1/2 inch total barrel. Make sure you correct those differences so that you will end up with what size barrel you realy want on the mag.

Here are some of them put together on the Mag base with the yard stick to give you an idea.

This first one you will note is the 12 inch AA on the base. Notice the length of the barrel where it would protrude from the Mag body (just in front of the second O ring)would be about 11 1/2 inches.

Now here is the 12 inch Tear Drop in the base (note the one inch shorter than a AA 12 inch tip or 10 1/2 inches would stick out of the front of the Mag body):

And lastly the 14 inch Tear Drop front installed into the Freak Base (12 1/2 inches out in front of body):

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