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Thread: Feedback for Psytherium

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    Feedback for Psytherium

    Psytherium just paid for a revy and mask I am selling. He was very fast and kept up good communication. Good doing business with him. A great buyer.

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    he just bought an retromag from me. great buyer. very quick payment. a pleasure to do business with.
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    He just bought a barrel from he's a quick payer and very honest!

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    A+ !

    Great guy to talk to, and deal with! Standup guy, and We talk every couple of days about paintball and about nothing at all.
    Dont hesitate to deal with this guy-he is t3h pwn.

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    Just bought an HPA bottle from him. Good communication, VERY fast shipping. Definiately wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.

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    Good seller, very quick commo and shipping. Do NOT hesitate!
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    Thumbs up

    I sold him a Shocker Package on Pbnation and he payed fast!!!!!! I got my money in 2 days and he was plesent to deal with. Very cooperative. A++++++++++! Would deal again and again!
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