Ok guys. I was on a thread on the traders forum that turned into a big argument about cocker/shocker/matrix accuracy compared to Angel/mag/ accuracy (and range). Let fight the enless fight. Lets see what you guys think.

I personally do NOT believe all markers shooting the same velocity with matching paint to barrel match shoot the same. Dont get me wrong...I love my emag and its personally my favorite marker. I just dont believe its as accurate or shoots as long as my sfl cocker. Now I know the masses disagree with me.

You know the what I believe. I know Tom is the ultimate brain and in all his infinate wisdom he has a theory about this. Also, if im not mistaken....in a recent apg magazine he stated that LOW PRESSURE does not exist. Hmmmmm......If thats true like he says.....all markers have an instant velocity of 50000 fps. If im mistaken please let me know. Anyways....How come the shockers, tricked cockers, and matrix as well as a few others have so much better range and accuracy. Now I know many of you if not all of you will agree with Tom. But Ive owned most of the upper end markers out there and I have seen a difference.

Did anybody put into account about bolt pressure/speed? The emag bolt is supper fast and I believe it couses ball destortion. And if LOW PRESSURE does not exist....why have a dwell? What im saying is, if the low pressure theory doesnt exist, a dwell would be unneeded. The dwell is designed to allow more air (volume) into the ball breach to move the ball. With lower pressure you need more air volume. Lower pressure equals more gas usage. Now since Ive installed the level 10 bolt i have noticed a bit more gas usage. I have not really had a good day of play with it so it may now be just as accurate. If you guys have noticed any difference let me know.

Like I stated earlier the bolt speed is super fast on the emag. Doesnt the emag bolt move at about 20 fps? The cockers move at 6 fps right? Would this make a differance. Now dont get me wrong. Im not saying Worr Games have a better product. They make fine markers but I like my mags better. The exchange is volume over extreme accuracy. Lots of people say cocker accuracy is false. Im hear to disagree. As for the shocker.....extreme accuracy. So also with the matrix and Nasty impulse (i say nasty because its the best impulse i have ever owned).

Anyways.....LETS FIGHT!!!

I want to see what you guys think. Its all for fun. Im not really looking to start a WWF event here or nothing but a lil'bit of violence and nashing of teeth never hurt anybody...LOL. Really guys, lets see what you think. I will probably never change any theories you guys have and I will probably not change my mind but who cares. Lets have fun. This argument has been going on ever since the beginning.

Oh....and Tom is the man. I personally think he has the best run company out today. With people like Jon Comprado and the rest of the crew you just cant ask for more. Not only does AGD develope some of the best markers out there but the service after the sale is the best. You guys rock. And dont get me wrong with this thread......its just what I think and I want to start a fight.....LOL. You guys be cool.
Your Friend.....robspectre (Robby Laypath)