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couldnt different bolts apply the air differently and then effect the paintballs slightly differntly? Im not going for a hueg distance change
not really, the WERM undertoe bolt for impulses claimed to do that. well its not exactly selling right now. it does nothing. now onto my opinion on things. guns all have the same basic trajectory. maybe TINY but unnoticeable spin on a ball now and then from something other than the way the marker shoots. but like i said its unnoticeable. cockers do not shoot more accurately than an angel. i have shotten cockers that were as bad as a blowback and some that shoot as straight as a dart. its all on how it was set up with paint and barrel at that particular time. warpig did the proving test using the SAME GUN by converting it from open bolt to closed bolt. no difference and it turned out that the open bolt happened to have a better shot grouping too. that doesnt mean its more accurate than closed bolt. i mean cmon an open bolt shoots the same way as a closed bolt gun. it shoots when the bolt is in the closed position. so for you closed bolt nuts out there, ITS PROVEN, DONE, FINISHED, PERIOD. as for each individual guns from angel to mag to cocker. like i said before they might have an unnoticeable difference that could be caused by anything besides the actual method of firing. u know what would prove people wrong and i bet its never been done before? a blind shot test. you make a person wear ear plugs and everything and put a blanket over a marker. make sure they cant tell what it is and pull the trigger. ask them to see which one they saw go further. ill bet all my money that they dont say a cocker, just by chance. they would probably end up saying the angel or mag went further. somebody has to do this and show the results. its a simple test too.