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Thread: Walking Stick's Menagerie of 'Mags

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    Walking Stick's Menagerie of 'Mags

    So here are my dozen 'Mags.
    1-3 are my oldest and operational.
    4-6 were operational before I went on a paintball hiatus.
    7-12 are pre-hiatus pieces and recent acquisitions that are still being hobbled together.

    (1.) Ultra 2-K-Y Mag
    I first borrowed this from a friend for a tournament in the early 2000s and fell in love. I saw one pop up on the late 2000s and had to have it. That's when the AGD addiction began. Still have the original Armson barrel and double trigger frame as well. Crap, I gotta finish talking to BigEvil about upgrading to a more practical clamping feedneck!

    - Pro Team Products Micromag 2000 with fixed vert feed and foregrip in Ultra Nickel
    - Micromag ReTro Valve #GFX10572
    - AGD Y-Grip nickel
    - AGD Blade trigger silver (I might switch up to a new AGD or Luke's trigger design in black)
    - KAPP chrome/nickel(?) plated panels

    (2.) Crazy Smart Mag
    Crazy Black Splash was my favorite splash pattern since the old Smart Parts catalog days. Scored a full kit less a trigger shoe or double trigger. The single trigger frame with AGD rubber grips is in reserve in case the AutoResponse acts up or is frowned upon. I also have a Minimag SP Magic Box (#SM10066) valve but didn't want to modify the MM body for it.

    - AGD Minimag powerfeed right black Teflon body
    - Smart Parts SmartMag #SM00195
    - SP Crazy Black Splash rail, sight rail, velocity lock, powerfeed plug, SP Teardrop barrel, foregrip, single trigger frame, bottom line ASA and gas through stock
    - Docs Machine Cocker barrel adapter
    - ProLine AutoResponse frame
    - SP wood 45 grip red

    (3.) X-Fire-Z Mag
    Another splash pattern I like and finally got to include a lot of special goodies in my favorite color - red. I just sold the red-gold-black splash foregrip I had been using after I nabbed an Eclipse foregrip. It will be ano matched shortly - along with the feedneck. The "barrel" pictured is from my CenterFlag Ninja muffler kit.

    - AGD ULE body red
    - AGD X-Valve red #VV05962
    - Eclipse Fire splash rail, sight rail, velocity adjuster, and powerfeed plug
    - AKA feedneck
    - AGD Z-Grip winged red
    (- KAPP aluminum grip panels)
    - Eclipse ribbed foregrip with barrel plug
    - KAPP foregrip extender red

    (4.) Zee Smear Mag
    I had a basic black l and polished RT classic that I sold when I found a Red Smear RT. I saw pics of the Euro powerfeed and jumped on a body when one finally popped up. There were stock photos of that body in black Teflon but I never saw anyone with actual photos of one. It's currently out being Cerakoted satin black to match a Z-Grip. An RT Z-Grip that I still need since I am not inclined to have the wings milled off the one pictured. I also have an RTP bike foregrip I'd like to swap for the stock grip but the rubber is tenacious and dies not want to be removed from the foregrip body.

    - AGD RT Euro powerfeed right body
    - RT valve #RT01145
    - AGD RT Red Smear rail, sight rail, powerfeed plug, tulip tip barrel, foregrip mount, foregrip top section
    - Docs Machine Cocker barrel adapter
    - Benchmark "Automag RT" 45 single trigger frame red
    (- Lc Hex aluminum 45 grip panels)

    (5.) The Smelter Mag
    Just replaced the black AM powerfeed body with this cooler HiRise one which is also being Cerakoted at this moment a gloss black. The stovepipe stack, red bar of a rail and foregrip handle made me think of the old Pittsburgh steel mills hence its name. I'm still looking for an RPG Splinter trigger to replace the RPG ViperBlade.

    - AGD RTP/EM black Teflon HiRise stovepipe body
    - AGD RT Pro X valve #RTP01866
    - Docs Machine Cocker barrel adapter
    - Benchmark Dragon(?) rail red
    - RPG Triton frame with red RPG ViperBlade and smoked acrylic panels
    - Keith Millet grooved extended foregrip

    (6.) Rental Pump Mag
    It's an engraved Field Rental valve but thankfully has the normal threaded powertube tip. It was a very utilitarian build until I recently replaced a standard AM rail with Luke's Wave and now want to get it, the pump, and some fancy Luke's grips anodized an aqua color. The KAPP Groovy frame had the wings milled off before coming into my possession and now the nickel plating is flaking horribly. Have to see now if it can be replated; if not perhaps it can stripped, polished and ano'd clear. I'm still contemplating whether or not it needs some type of vertical foregrip too.

    - AGD Automag standard feed right polished body
    - AGD Automag A.I.R. "Field Rental" valve #FG38776
    - ?? perforated velocity wheel and lock
    - Docs Machine Cocker barrel adapter
    - Lc AM/MM Wave rail
    - KAPP Groovy single trigger frame nickel plated
    (- Lc AGD Lion aluminum 45 grip panels)
    - ?? aluminum 45 frame humpback
    - Cerberus Innovations pump kit

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    (7.) Hershey Chord Mag
    This is a part of a triplet 'Mag build with my two brother's - we're triplets. Common theme is DW bodies, 90 frames and other cool uncommon parts. I scored Tuna valves for both of them but none for me! And I'm doubtful lightning will strike a third time for <$300. I don't like it boring black so I'll probably send this out in January to be ano'd something more exciting - like an earthy Hershey's chocolate brown with gloss black accents.

    - DeadlyWind Chord V2 AM-length body
    - AGD "X-Valve" valve #VV02705
    - RPG Subzero feedneck
    - RPG MiniWave rail
    - Logic Industries Vertical Mag Frame (VMF)
    - ?? wavy Logic trigger
    - AGD ULT
    (- Lc aluminum 90 grip panels custom milled)
    - Lc 1-piece smooth foregrip

    (8.) Pneu X-Kitty Mag
    I started a build thread ( on the revival of the X-Kitty X-Mag body I bought from RogueFactor on PBLegion back in 2010 (who coincidentally also just sold me a Reverse X valve for the project!). I'm glad I went on a hiatus because my intention back then was to re-ano it black and gold. It's going to be Warp left and with reverse valve so the roof and passenger sides are slick and free of obstructions. It's also going to be my first Pneumag project and it'd be cool if I can find a way to keep it switchable but mech-pneu rather than mech-electro-hybrid. Time will tell.

    - X-Kitty AGD CnC X-Mag body clear-to-pink
    - AGD Reverse X valve (dust black re-ano removed #)
    - AGD CnC X-Mag Warp left breech
    - PTP eMicromag grooved frame (gutted)
    - TunaBlade trigger
    - Lc AO Hex aluminum EM grip panels
    - XMT CnC-style battery pack foregrip

    (9.) Nova Mag
    This Slug body came in only today so I'm still playing around with the build. The roundness made me think of my AirStar Novas and the large real estate for ano would be perfect for those amazing cosmic anos that keep popping up from custom anodizers. The AA reg back was chosen specifically for its ano-ability. Once I get a non-ULE RTP/EM rail I think I'll have a better idea of how what direction I want to go with it.

    - AGD Slug body
    - AGD Automag A.I.R. valve #CF14368
    - Air America aluminum rear pressure regulator
    (- Inception Designs FLE feedneck)
    (- AGD RT Pro/E-Mag rail)
    - Logic Industries Ultimate Mag Frame (UMF) with RRFireblade trigger
    - Lc UMF aluminum grip panels

    (10.) Nano Berry Mag
    I felt the Ripper design was great when it first came out on the Bob Long Intimidator and was glad to purchase this body. I originally had a Tyson Machado hand filed/Dremeled spiked rail but I just acquired the Ripper rail which I think is a better match. I'll start a thread soon on this build as I already figured out 13 phases of cutting and shaping to make the pieces flow together better. It will be nano-short with the capped valve and I'm really curious about the new overall balance with the foregrip-mounted regulator. I think Rippers look better in brighter colors so this will be anodized to match my Dodge Challenger's Furious Fuchsia hue.

    - XMT Ripper EM-length Ripper body and rail
    - MCB's Deus Machina capped AGD Automag Classic valve #
    (- CCM feedneck)
    (- Lc MV2 frame with UltraBlade trigger, T-Rex pneu kit and aluminum grip panels)
    - ?? trashcan vertical ASA
    - Air America stainless steel Unireg/aluminum Vigilante secondary regulator

    (11.) Plum Blaster Mag
    So many pieces are MIA but I'll find them eventually. I want to highlight the purple valve and tube body (and contrast with the Alpha rail to show its curves) so the rest of the marker will be polished and clear ano'd to resemble polished ss/nickel plating. I'll combine Luke's T-rex pneumatic kit with an ULT for the shortest, lightest and smoothest trigger possible.

    (- RPG Exile body would be ideal)
    - AGD Purple X valve #VV04179
    (- CP feedneck)
    - Logic Industries Alpha AM rail
    (- Cougar20th's KAM86 grooved single trigger frame with Lc T-Rex pneu kit)
    (- AGD ULT)
    (- Lc AGD Circle aluminum 45 grip panels)
    (- a foregrip)

    (12.) Air Waves Mag
    This build is on hold until I can obtain an XMT Shockwave it may be awhile. I loved the design the second I saw the prototype. I put down a deposit for one but unfortunately disappeared from paintball for 5 years right after. My loss and I truly regret not finishing the transaction. I'd like to ano one in a patriotic red-white-blue which I think would compliment the waviness of all the pieces.

    (- XMT Shockwave unibody)
    (- a unique X valve)
    (- Nummech feedneck)
    - Cerberus Innovations Airwalk V2 frame with aluminum grip panels
    - C.I. Airwalk squiggly(?) roller bearing trigger
    - C.I. knuckle busters(?) foregrip

    (13.) [B]???[/]
    Since my X-Kitty has a Reverse X now the Reverse ReTro will need a new application. Maybe look for an XMT carbon fiber body, a future Nummech body (like the Axe Edge which is similar to the WGP Karnivor and reminds me of dragon scales or armor plating), or a maroon-white-blue splash kit...

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    Reserved for completed 'Mag pics.

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    Wow!!! Very nice collection sir.

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    Nice builds! Glad to see somone putting some of my old parts to use. Can't wait to see that Shockwave build come along

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