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Thread: Back to Mags after too long a break

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    Back to Mags after too long a break

    I had and loved a Classic back in the late 90s, then sadly sold it because I had no one to play with and didn't much like going alone. After a getting back into paintball with 'cockers, decided it was time to scratch that Automag itch again. Problematic as I'm a tinkerer, and suddenly have one mag, half the parts for another, and a third planned out. This post is for The One.

    As purchased off CL:
    -Classic right feed
    -Microline fittings
    -Old CP barrel
    -unknown expansion chamber with a "B" on the base

    After getting it cleaned up, re-lubed, feedneck cut down, and the trigger rod length back to stock, I went target shooting. Aaannnddd then I went modding. Please don't hurt me. I fully understand that the only way to improve any modified Automag better is to bring it back to stock. I just like doing things THIS way. After a fun evening, it runs quite nicely.

    After modding madness:
    -Superbolt frame (Dye UL Autococker knock-off)
    -RT on/off
    -Air America Black Ice reg bottom as a valve back
    -CCM macro fittings (2 o-rings in each)
    -Stainless hardline
    -Heatshrink-covered braided line
    -Some aluminum 90deg elbow from the spares box
    -Shocktech #3 drop reverse
    -CCM on/off ASA

    So far so good. I'll maybe/probably install a Level 10 at some point. Already have a Centerflag Thunder reg, just need a tank and gauges. Running the ASA for now with a standard Ninja 68/45. And now, some pics!

    As purchased, post feedneck cutting:

    Valve as purchased:

    How she sits now:

    Now, from the valve end:
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    looking good...

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    Thanks! Need to cut the rail down and shape it some, and do something with that chewed up VASA. I have a chunk of carbon mountain bike fork steerer tube sitting on my desk that might make an appearance there.

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