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Thread: Micromag and Splash Mag collection

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    Micromag and Splash Mag collection

    Imon1maybe6's cocker collection has inspired me to keep the cocker vs. mag feud alive Here's my collection of Mags. I have no problem with you using my pictures, but please give credit where it is due.

    I am always interested in buying your Mag parts and/or guns, especially if you see a piece/pattern I'm missing. PM me if you have something you think I may be interested in.

    There is a great write-up by Frizzle Fry on AO that describes the different generations of Micromags:

    The Micromags

    First generation Micromag with fixed barrel in excellent condition - the one that started it all. This would not have come with a Micromag valve, but I added one to it. GFX003293

    Second generation Red Nights RT with red wo0d grips. GFX10065

    Second generation Cool Camo with rare back-bottle ASA and custom wood grips by pbalien. CF57369

    Second generation Lightning Micromag, 1 of 6 mags with this finish. GFX003644

    The flashiest second generation Ultra Nickel Micromag in town - only use this when you don't mind getting a ton of questions and attention. GFX001053

    This second generation gun was a special order and the only Micromag to ever come with an Autoresponse trigger frame (2 shots per trigger pull). Only one of two with this ano, both ordered by the same individual. GFX001584

    This another unusual 2nd gen Micromag with what seems to be a one-off black/red/silver splash pattern (maybe a Planet Eclipse Micromag?). GFX000611

    Custom ano second generation with Armson Intruder. GFX002846

    This an unusual 3rd gen Micromag with what seems to be a one-off black/red acid wash. The gun then had the angled lines milled out to expose the valve. GFX000165

    Fourth generation Blue Nights with a matching tank. GFX003376

    Wife's fourth generation Purple Nights, very comfy co2 friendly tank-under stock setup. GFX003070

    Fourth generation Alien. GFX003330

    Fourth generation Blue Tiger RT. GFX10324

    Fourth generation Teal Tiger with tank under stock setup and RF adapter.GFX003237

    Fourth Gen jungle sunset RT. This one has a heck of a story, I bought this and it was lost in the mail, I posted about it being lost on AO. Member vintage contacted me that he bought the gun on Ebay (ID'd by the serial) and sold it to me at cost. Very generous move, and I owe him, thank you! GFX10338

    Fourth Gen jungle nights RT. This one is probably the nicest Micro I own. The ano is truly stunning and I love the matching sight. I also have the original bill of sale and owner's manual. GFX10414

    Fourth generation Teal Tiger Micromag RT with matching Armson site. This is a new addition and a real gem, it's pretty much the exact gun used in the magazine ads that I used to drool over many years ago. GFX10511

    Fourth generation co2 friendly Cool Camo. I have the original box for this one. GFX002820

    Custom ano fourth generation. GFX001267

    Custom fade/splash/brush ano fourth generation. GFX001446

    Ultra Black Micromag 2000 RT (fifth Generation). GFX002514

    Ultra Nickel Micromag 2000 Limited Edition fifth generation w/ threaded feedneck and matching AGD Y-Grip. CF27730

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    The Classics

    Red splash

    Red splash pump

    Green splash

    Camo splash

    Gray splash

    Gray splash setup for HPA and to be very light

    The wife's purple splash classic - setup for remote line and to be light as a stainless steel feather

    My purple splash with a twist of "modernity"

    The machine gun - I intended to use this to teach the space ***** shooters a lesson on the classics, but I haven't had to use it yet

    That's all for now, folks. Variety is the spice of life!


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    are you kidding me? those are some incredibly nice classics and micros!

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    Some really nice Micromags / Automags, especially the Teal Tiger Micromag.

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    have you had time to check out the new one yet?

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    I have not (red/black acid wash with gills milled). I had just enough time to get it set up for this photo shoot. I'll update when I get to do some testing. Upon looking at it, it should function perfectly fine and lose no air out the gills. We'll see.

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    it looks better in your pic than it did in the sale pic. nice collection.

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    That's just ridiculous!

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    Great collection Magot. I am always keeping an eye out for splash parts for you. I might need to talk to you about adding some photos to the Micromag/PTP online museum I am putting together.

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Sk8er, let me know when you start putting it together, you can have all the pics I've got.

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