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Thread: *Official Automag Pictures*

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    Quote Originally Posted by ta2maki
    Quote Originally Posted by Zone Drifter
    Now that... is pretty sic. *applauds*
    Those two look really nice. At first I thought I was looking at a double trouble but that doesn't appear to be the case.

    "Alright you Primative Screwheads, listen up .... See this?? This is my BOOMSTICK!!!!"

    "Well hello Mister Fancy Pants. I've got news for you pal, you ain't leading but two things right now: Jack and **** ... Jack left town."

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    my mag old school baby

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    PTP MicroEmag

    Just got it all together and used it for the 1st time this weekend.


    PTP MicroEmag
    Xvalve LVL10 (blue)
    Original Armson Barrel
    Tunablade (ano to match)
    Lukes Aluminum Selector switch (ano to match)
    Lukes Aluminum Grip Panels (ano to match)
    NDZ drop kick (ano to match)
    NDZ bleed on/off (ano to match)
    XMOD 1.8
    DXS Pulse RF chip installed via warp port

    <a href=""><img src="" width="600" height="450"></img></a>

    <a href=""><img src="" width="600" height="450"></img></a>

    <a href=""><img src="" width="600" height="450"></img></a>

    <a href=""><img src="" width="600" height="450"></img></a>

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    My new micromag arrived today in the mail and it's amazing.

    <a href=""><img src="" width="600" height="450"></img></a>

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    Been a while since i posted some of my guns... well here's what i got sofar:

    - Automag 68 classic with promag valve and oldskool brass barrel.
    - ACI Maverick pump with red dot and DIY ASA.
    - Pro Team Products Unibody Micromag.
    - Minimag with expansion chamber and 16" all american barrel.
    - CNC Xmag with 14" redz pepperstick and centerfeed breech. (warp left breech hanging under the mag)
    - STD Xmag with 12" Lapco bigshot and 12" Machinegun shroud and all breeches for the Xmag.
    - Assortiment on barrels, 16" pepperstick with some backs, .691 stiffi in digi camo, pair of 12" barrels, and a 14" twistlock crown point barrel for the automag.
    - Swabs and barrelsocks, also important to have.

  6. X-Valve with Lvl 10 (1 shim, 1.5 carrier)
    Mini-Tac Mainbody w/dual RPG detents and RPG clamping feedneck
    Tac Rail
    Intelliframe with Splinter Pro Trigger
    ULT (6 ULT shims)
    Hogue .45 Grips
    Viewloader Vlocity
    CP Razor Drop
    RT Pro Front Grip
    Shrink-wrapped Hose w/Quick Disconnect
    68/4500 Tank with AGD 4500 Flatline Regulator and Dye Rhino cover
    12" Powerlyte 2007 Scepter kit (.684, .686, .688, .690, and .692 inserts)
    Andrew Borntreger
    Champion of cinematic disasters

    Black automag powerfeed w/lvl 10
    14" All American
    Intelliframe w/Hogue grips
    12 volt Revolution w/X-Board
    Gas-Thru Stock w/88 ci 4500psi tank
    Modified tactical carbine harness

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    Just put her together.

    Ule body with a ccm clamping feedneck
    Smart Parts tear drop barrel
    New Desigz on/off with bleed
    Omega rail
    Black X-Valve
    Agd bicycle grip
    Intelliframe with blade trigger
    "The Few Who Do Are The Envy Of The Many Who Only Stand And Watch"

    Alway Remember *343*

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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    Couple Of My Past Mags

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle.Kimber
    I think she's pretty, or at least oddly attractive.

    i actually own that emag now, hope i was able to quote the pic

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    Jaan, I like the air tank cozy. Almost makes me want to take up knitting.

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    My 1st Automag

    68 Classic valve
    PFHL body
    AGD carbon gripframe w/PMI rubber grips

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    [QUOTE=Army]OK, time to update my pics. (05 Sept '03}

    Golden Gun #0007 (I also have valve #0008):

    Meet their cousin, GG0009.
    stay proud, Stay mechanical!

    And my feed back is at:

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    My Mag

    Tac-One anno'd by Gruntbull
    RPG Splinter pro trigger
    RPG Feedneck
    Deadlywind Whisper barrel
    Flatline @ 1200psi

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    Minimag RT with LX
    Tasco Riser Rail

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    Arizona Bay.
    The lastest Pneu-Q-Mag changes!

    The warp accessories really made everything look so much better. I'm really happy with it.
    AO Mid-Atlantic Part Duece.

    Come on Powerlyte!

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    There is no Spoon

    My Mag

    Ok, I am old school paintball. As a player I predate the Tippmann SMG60. And this mag is old too. No stars, predates the powerfeed.

    I am starting a process of getting it "modernized". Here it is as I last played:

    I just got a z-grip from RECKID1986 and this is what I am looking at doing:

    Keep in mind that this is still in the works and just rough for now. Thinking about a Q-Loader under the grips and even possibly one of these fancy bodies and rails that I see on here.

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    minimag with z-grip, otherwise stock. Black ULE body with z-grip, x-valve with rt on/off. blue ULE body with Emag valve with ULT and Y-grip (my favorite) i don't plan on leaving the drop on the black z-mag. it's just there for a good place to store it.

    oh yah, and a tippmann a-5

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    mistur_sleepyass Guest
    Finally I finished my mag with the help of mostpeople. This is my first mag and I think it looks pretty good.

    I have one question for my fellow AO'ers. Does any one know someone or can themself engrave some Chinese symbols into my grip panel?

    ULE Trigger
    RPG Pariah Body
    Deadlywind Dallara Rail
    12 inch Dye X-cel barrel
    Cerberus Airwalk Grip
    90* ASA Adapter
    PSI Bicycle Gas Thru Grip

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    The Old Look

    The New Look

    DYE Excel Barrel, AGD ULE Center Feed Body, AGD RT Pro Rail, ANS Sight Rail, AGD Pre-Lvl 7 Valve w/ Lvl 10 Bolt, AGD Pot metal Frame with SP Wood Grips, custom M4 Stock.

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    Here's my ol' RT with some splash.

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    Talking The Alien Mag

    OK, guys. After three to four months I finally got my new Mag project completelly done and assembled. Here I present you the Alien Mag (I realy liked that name ):

    Features include:

    - IT Body
    - Thrasher Rail
    - Airwalk Triggerframe
    - AGD Blade Trigger
    - Deadlywind 12" Fibur barrel
    - CP Mini Air-Through Grip
    - X-Valve (soon to get an E-Maxx valve from Tunaman)
    - CCM feedneck
    - CP Rail
    - Kila detents
    - Max-Flo Micro air system with 45 ci / 4500 psi tank
    - CP Fill Niple cover
    - Green macroline by
    - Vlocity with SPO Gear CF shells
    - Trickler LPR
    - Predator Mini-Morlock board with 10.0 code
    - Full electro-pneumatic work done by Pneumagger
    - Anodizing done by The Fool

    More pics at:

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    Here's my Hypermag!

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    My spydermag:
    All that's left to get are some dye sticky grips. Maybe a 15* ASA, although I'm not sure about that yet. It shoots FAST.

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    Centerfeed PumpMag

    I recently competed with this Classic Mag on Saturday, 6/16/07 at the OSC Series Pump Tournament. It shot straight and eliminated its targets.

    <a href=""><img src="" width="600" height="450"></img></a>

    <a href=""><img src="" width="600" height="450"></img></a>

    for more pics:

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    old school standard rebirth

    I rebuilt this one and added the paint scheme yesterday for woodsball, Ill post my speedball when I'm done. this was done with krylon and clearcoat only and has been holding up for quite some time.

    Shot with FinePix A700 at 2007-07-04
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    Almost there...

    So I've been lurking on the threads and slowly building my Mag. It's almost where I want it now so I suppose I should post some pics...

    <a href=""><img src=""></img></a>

    <a href=""><img src=""></img></a>

    <a href=""><img src=""></img></a>

    Now that I've got the pic posting figured out, here's what's there so far:

    -Classic Mag, old skool right feed. Was bead blasted, now hand polished.
    -12" CarbonFiber barrel of unknown origin. It was on the marker when I bought it.
    -18v Revvy
    -Clear Warp (Got a great deal on this one, another and the Revvy)
    -Expansion Chamber of unkown origin. It was also on the marker when I bought it.
    -Benchmark Drop Forward with on/off ASA <-- Thanks Nobody
    -20 oz CO2 (I know I need HPA, but this was done on the cheap!)
    -Double Trigger <--Thanks matteusz

    Total investment so far: $198

    Here's what I plan on doing still:

    -Finish stripping all the anno. I want to keep everything polished. (I'm in the Army. What'd you expect?)
    -45 Grip Frame with the Dye Sticky Grips sitting on my desk...
    -16 or 18 Inch Barrel <--On it's way. Thanks BIGDOG 187!
    -Level 10 (I know...It should have been done already, but I've shot 3000 rounds and not chopped one yet!)
    -Trim feedneck so 90 degree Warp attachment sits flush

    After that, I can't think of anything else to do to her. I want to keep this one Classic Valved. While I'm in Iraq, I'm going to piece together a Warped PneuMag. That's the one that'll have the X-Valve and all the bells and whistles. Anyone tried to set up an Intellifeed with a PneuMag? PM me with details.
    Last edited by cdc120602; 07-14-2007 at 09:13 PM.

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    This was the minimag that my red dragon mag was born from. Since I replaced nearly all the parts, I was able to re-assemble a working mag from the left overs. Had to buy back the valve from my friend but he was cool with it. Anyhoo here 'tis. Cut down feed neck and flat black paint job on the body. Cut down barrel (9 1/4" from center of feed to end) and flat black paint also. Used it for a game of "civil war" at my house last Sunday and it shot great! Very accurate. I'm thinking about an urban digital camo paint job on top of the flat black, including the revy. I'd love to find a better dust black twist-lock barrel for it. Just as short, but ported/vented. This one's a bit loud, but at least it shoots straight.

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    Started out with a classic minimag and now looks like this

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    My Mini

    Here is my Mag. I added an Intelliframe, bike grip and rt on/off. This is my first mag and a HUGE step up from my LP Spyder--if I knew then what I know now... Anyways, I primarally play woods ball and its a Tippman killer .
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>

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