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Thread: *Official Automag Pictures*

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    crazyjoe12 Guest
    my wl tac one
    boa brass barrel w/ m16 kit
    rt valve
    custom front grip/clip
    custom 90* elbow or warp
    air threw stock

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="Free image hosting at"></a>
    <a href=""><img src="" alt="Free image hosting at"></a>

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    Dec 2008
    Central Indiana
    update of my current completed mags

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    Old classic my buddy gave me,
    and my RTproX thats awaiting its Toxic rail can't wait to get that UMF on there.

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    Aug 2002
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Here are some pics of my baby. Been out of the game for 3 years but I pulled her out, cleaned her up and I'm ready to go next weekend.

    She's not as flashy as some here but I like her

    Parts are:

    Original rail off 68 classic
    Minimag warp left body
    Smoke warp
    AGD Intelliframe wired to warp
    Heat-gunned revy to tuck it in tight next to the warp tube (bet you haven't seen one of those for a while..)
    Retro valve w/ lvl 10
    JJ Ceramic 12" barrel
    Some custom trigger.. I forget who made it, but it's nice!
    Dye sticky3s
    Some random drop forward

    Pulled off the flatline to hydro it!


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    SO this is my first mag hope some folks like it

    some of my pictures of it suck... but this one i linked is nice, sorry i didnt put it as a post, the forum im used to doesnt allow big pictures like the ones mine are in(photobucket resized them) and its late, so idont wanna try and fix it atm if it messes up

    BUT to the mag

    Just received it a few days ago

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    Northern KY

    My Mag as of today, Should look totally different next week

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    My Xvalved Minimag
    I seem to clean house with my 8 inch PPS brass. I had a 10 inch dye barrel on and wasn't doing so well. I guess the loud BANG from my 8 inch did help a little i guess.

    <a href=''><img src='' border='0' alt='Image Hosted by'/></a><br/>

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    Apr 2007
    Northern KY

    Finished Business

    RPG Exile Body
    RPG 15* ASA
    RPG Triton
    RPG Shadow Rail
    AGD Bike Grip
    AGD X-Valve

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    Black/Red Fade Ano
    X-Valve w/ Level 10 Bolt and ULT Kit
    ULE Body (front chopped)
    A+ Clamping Feedneck
    Custom Milled Rail w/ ULE milling
    Etek Trigger Frame
    Critical Trigger
    Virtue Board
    MPA-3 Ram
    SMC S070C-SDG-32 Solenoid
    Custom LPR Foregrip
    WGP Outkast LPR
    Kila Magnetic Ball Detent
    Bob Long Cam Drive On/Off ASA

    Cool Features:
    All internal hoses for pneumatics.
    Hidden LPR in the foregrip.
    Setscrew hole for the ram is the only machining on trigger frame.

    Weight w/o barrel: 2.25 lbs
    Weight w/ barrel: 2.56 lbs
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    68 Mag Pistola

    68 Mag Custom Pistol

    Level 7 bolt

    Lapco Big Shot Barrel

    18 shot custom loader

    12g CO2 Powerlet in foregrip/ASA

    Foregrip/ASA machined to contain and puncture CO2 caplets

    ASA milled to fit horizontally.

    Rear of custom paintball loader contains spare CO2 or paintballs

    Foregrip/ASA is also an expansion chamber to prevent liquid CO2 entering air valve.

    In action: It's a little difficult to chrony down low (250 Fps) but can maintain 280 ok would be better on Nitrogen
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    Dec 2008
    Central Indiana

    newest member to the family

    just arrived
    nothing flashy, just plain AGD goodness with an invert mini barrel (matches the lines on the ULE body perfectly)

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    New Proud Owner!

    Just got her in the mail today. Im sure this is no the first time you've seen this one, guys... but damn am I happy to have it! Going to get a foregrip and a single trigger frame that I can put on there. Going to keep the ULE Emag lowers as well, so I can have this one almost any way that I want it!

    Pictures from my blackberry... I apologize for the quality

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    here is some hot mag pRon!!

    Thanks to those who convinced me to assemble the X and just use it ias it was intended for.

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    Aug 2009

    best $75 I will ever spend... she isn't even close to being finished though

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    Jul 2008
    Chapel Hill/Carrboro, NC

    I had to just sneak the Pistol in there

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    Feb 2005
    Soon to be the Dirty jErZ

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    Finally found my screw to install the UMF
    she's purdy....just gotta wait for my Toxic body to show up

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    Jul 2008
    It's cold here.
    Right feed nastymag

    A fun little project that I finally got out of my system. I may make a vertical feed with two emag bodies.

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    Feb 2009
    at the university of new haven
    well, ive been meaning to post my pics here for awhile, but ive been changing alot of it. its just about done now, the only thing left is to upgrade to steel braid hose

    here she is:

    shes an RT classic with a rt valve and level 10, freak barrel with stainless steel insert, a 68/4500 Stratos tank and a vlocity jr with virtue chip and virtue crown. hope you all like

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    I do like, you should toss that in the MOM if you haven't already.

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    Jun 2007
    Ft. Atkinson, WI

    My new Mag. It's just waiting on the cheater from Zap and me to drill some holes for the bike grip! I get to try it out tomorrow. I can't WAIT!!!

    I'd also like to thank everyone that sold me parts. If you see a part you've given up, please pat yourself on the back! This thing feels awesome!

    UPDATE: Played today and this Mag is 100% awesome! Thanks to all who contributed!
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    My constantly evolving automag.

    Dallara body and rail, X Valve w/ lvl 10, RPG Triton frame w/ blade trigger and panel grips, DW Carbon fiber fore grip, A+ anno feedneck, BL Geardrive asa, peppersticks barrel

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    Mags for D-Day 2010

    Here are two mags I'm working on for my son and I to use next year at D-Day Oklahoma:

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    Ashland, MA

    .68 Classic, Intelli Frame, CP Drop and ASA, TASO Stone Cold 2 3-peice barrel 14 & 17"
    68 Classic Mag with power feed body, lightning drop, CP black on/off ASA, groved trigger intelli frame wired to 12v revy, 12" DYE SS, 14" or 17" Stone Cold II, VA, Black Ice Reg, SS Lines, PT Exteme Side Arm, Spyder Compact w/ too much stuff to list.

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    Vancouver BC Canada
    Heres my collection so far.

    Ya theres a couple that are not mags.

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    very nice collection, i particularlly like the two "rifles" on the bottom, the dual micro mags, & the top right pump, you cant find grips like that any more, very retro

    Quote Originally Posted by Adam45
    Heres my collection so far.

    Ya theres a couple that are not mags.

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