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    My 12 year old Mag!

    Hey all! Been around and Maggin for a long time now. Started playing paintball at 14, bought a Mag at 15 and have had her ever since (now 27)

    Just went through her and did a fresh rebuild, new o rings, cleaned the crap out of her, etc.

    Its been so long since I looked up anything or bought parts for it I'll see if I can remember the list!

    ANS high flow on/off
    Hyperframe on/off assembly (thin pin, better trigger pull... burned up the Hyperframe years ago and kept the pin)
    ANS phase II bolt
    Kapp gas thru
    Benchmark single trigger
    Dye clear grip panels
    Benchmark wave rail
    Custom milled (1 of 3) drop forward with CP on/off
    Dye stainless 14" (amazing barrel)
    ANS phase II 10"
    Armson Rifled 12"
    Unknown 10" straight rifled barrel with crown porting at the tip?
    Im sure I forgot stuff

    Anyway, here she is:

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