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Thread: No pressure inside Automag

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    No pressure inside Automag

    I just took apart my automag to fix my vertical adapter. Anyways, when I gas the automag up, I can here the air as it pressurizes, but there is no pressure behind the trigger, as if there was no gas in it. I am guessing its something with teh way my on off is put together, but not certain. The brass part of the on/off, its not like a sandwich with 4 holes in it. Instead, imagine taking off the top of it. Its hard to explain.

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    Did you put the sear in right? Try taking your mag apart and putting it back together again while looking at the manual.

    It's really easy to miss small stuff. Hope that helps?

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    Try turning up your velocity.

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    Turns out my velocity was way down, probably off, and I think my on/off was assembled wrong, had one o ring misplaced, because I heard a huge leak inside the gun after I turned up the velocity, but before I reassembled the on/off. Thanks alot for your support guys, I really appreciate it.

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