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Thread: MACH 404 HOPPER

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    Cool MACH 404 HOPPER

    Anyone have any comments about the new hopper made by zap extreme sports in the new AGP magazine...THANKS

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    Don't make me pull over!!


    It uses "sonic" technology. It hums and vibrates, loudly, and transfers the vibrations to your gun and hand. Good thinking, bad execution.


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    I assume you're talking about the new vibrate hoppers from Zap...?

    I saw a few people using pre-release versions of this hopper at the Simply The Best tourney in the UK.

    From what I saw, they were BIG. They looked like they could easily hold 220-250 rounds.
    They were also very slightly see-thru. Kinda smoky-brown like the early proteus masks were.

    The only down side that I saw was that they didnt always feed. I was marshalling a 2on2 game where both of the players on my side of the field were using them and I did notice a good few mis-fires. However, I dont want to prejudice anyone, so remember that these were pre-release models, they could also have been over-filled and maybe the guy forgot to turn it on or something (how often have we all done that?).


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