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Thread: Blade or regular double trigger?

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    Post Blade or regular double trigger?

    When i order my new frame i am tring to decide between the regular double trigger or the blade. Does having one over the other help you shoot faster? What is the purpose of the blade trigger, or how is it suppose to help you compared to the regular double?

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    its just a preference. many people who use a double trigger don't shoot with their top finger, wich usually leaves their middle finger on the bottom hook of the trigger. whith the blade it allows a little more variety, finger placement, its just preference.

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    Tom, any confirmation on the rumor that only the standard 2x trigger will be available immediately?

    I wanted the Blade trigger when I went to the NPPL AC Tournament but was told that they were not available yet and no ETA was set yet.

    So I bought the standard 2x trigger frame instead.

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    Im having my dad mill my trigger down so its more of a blade type trigger because blade is way more comfotable!!!

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    i have the blade on my rt and it rocks,but its all in what you like good luck.

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    The Blade allows you to place your finger anywhere on the trigger face. Regular 2x only has 2 places.


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