This goes along with drag used to increase range. I was once allowed to try out a little 'dohicky' that when glued to the back of a normal paintball it increased it's range significantly. I shot it out of a modified P68 at 300fps and it had a shot pattern of less than a foot at 150 yards. Some work would have to be done with the matterial it was made out of to make it paintball safe and it couldn't be used in standard paintball guns or loaders, but boy did that thing fly. I can't go into what exactly it is or how it works because it's still a product under development and may even be used by the military in the future. It's probibly not paintball legal for any type of play because it's technically no longer a ball. If anyone knows where I can find the rules regarding the shape/size/mass/hardness restrictions of paintballs I'd be very thankful. I hope these things can be made in a paintball legal way so I can use them for woodsball, finally a reason to have a scope on a paintball gun.