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Thread: Automag newbie - checking out a used classic

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    Automag newbie - checking out a used classic

    New to paintball and the Automag both, but from looking around on the Net I liked the idea of the Automag enough to buy one used and try it out. This is what I am getting: auction for automag and access.

    I am going to need an ASA and the hoses minimum, other than that I think it is ready to go.

    Should be able to break it down and clean/lube it from the manual, but are there any other steps that should be taken to check it out first?

    Also interested in any recommendations on the hoses and adapters needed to get it working. Will probably start with a bottomline and use the tank as a stock, won't know for sure until I have it in my hands.


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    That's not a bad deal. I found a better one when I bought mine from eBay but that's eBay for you. Anyway, back to you questions. Yes you will definetly need an ASA and some hose. If you haven't gotten either yet, I suggest talking to either RogueFactor or Tunaman here on AO. Since you are new to paintball, you may or may not need a 12v Revy(short for Revolution) but it all depends on how much paint you'll be shooting. Next, just go out and play. Once you get out there are start using it and seeing how other people set up their markers you'll develope your own style, and that will help you decide what else you'll want. Trust me it's more a want thing than it is a need thing after you start playing paintball. Oh yea, I almost forgot: Welcome to AO!

    If you do develope the style of shooting a lot of paint, your gonna need a powerfeed body to keep up. Enjoy your mag!

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    agd will send you a maintenance and trouble shooting video for just the cost of shipping(4 or 5 bucks) you should definetly order it! also get an o-ring and seal kit(24$) bucause seals and o-rings are really the only thing that can go wrong with a mag and you should take replacements with you whenever you go play, the dont go bad very often but when they do youll be glad you have them!

    you may run into something called 'short-stroking'(the gun makes a weird 'thock' sound and you may chop a ball, youll know it when it happens), this is caused by trying to rush your rate of fire and not completely pulling and releasing the trigger. spedd will come with time, as you learn how to shoot a mag you will be able to speed up without short-stroking.

    with the standard feed mag you will need to maintain a 'high ball stack'. this means dont let your loader run empty because the last couple of balls will jump in the feed tube and misslaod which will cause a ball chop.

    good luck and welcome to ao!

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    Welcome to AO!! And as mentioned, get a parts kit and replace all the seal and clean and oil everything!!! I would highly recommend a drop forward, the 'mag is a very compact gun, so even more so with a drop!! And play!!!
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