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Thread: Please post an official responce to what happend

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    I can tell you what i know, this happend las night around 11 or so...

    obviously woody 2 was very mad at army,(we dont know why) he posted messages with lyrics in them, it slowed down the board majorly...

    ok this maybe not official but its pretty darn close... and now they are investigating it...

    webby or a mod or someone else can fill in my blank spots.

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    You can see at least part of the altercation (if you can call it that) in Woody2's "I'm leaving" post. Pretty lame behavior if you ask me. I think Tom should change this forum's name to "As the AO world turns."

    edit: Of course I still tune in every day. :-)

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    Post Please post an official responce to what happend

    This may seem obvious, but could we get an official post to explain what happend this morning. I personally dont like collecting bits and pieces on misinformation for a week and rumors and everything else.

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