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    Lightbulb Updating #2

    This is the second post im going to make about the website. I was recently at it as i said in my last post and i noticed something else this time. I saw a link to AGD Europe so i figured what the heck ill click on it and see whats going on over at the europe site. I noticed a big change in the apperance and information on the europe site. The biggest thing was the ability to purchase all of the AGD product line online. I was thinking to myself i wish the or the site had that. Now i know that the AO site has a store however it doesnt offer guns on it. Now i have seen tom post that they are working hard to get everything up and going but there is alot to be done. I understand that completely and am posting this so when u do update that it can be of use to u tom or however is in charge of that area. The other big change i saw was them having emag extremes which just blew me out of the water. I didnt even know that was coming out or existed. So then i explored further and saw the video of the emag Extreme firing. Wow impressive! I also liked the metalic future look of the europe site. Hope this can help u when u update the site tom. I still cant believe the president of AGD cares so much he will even post on the website. Still blows my mind how much work he does and what quality service and products AGD provides. Thanx for looking.

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    Thanks for the concern!


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    Way cool, you got Tom to reply to one of your posts, and you just started here! Just another example of the never-ending well of coolness that is AGD(and AO for that matter).

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