For about two weeks I been trying to get a spyder. It was shiped tuesday or so and will arrive next monday. I had a horrible time getting my order processed and finding someone online that had Spyders.

X Paintball was the worst. They billed me even though I canceled the order and they didnt have a Spyder in stock. I got a $30 surcharge from my bank and I just found out today. WHich is friday night. SO I have to wait till monday to rectify the situation.

The place that shiped my gun had the phones disconnected. PaintballGateway and the emails were disconnected also. So I have no way to find if Ill actually get a gun on monday or an empty box.

Id give all these Etailers 0 Stars out of five Stars. For not having product in stock, poor selection and customer service. Some of the other places I didnt use have %400 markup.

Trying to buy a Spyder online has made my life miserable.

I am almost considering canceling my trip to Shatnerball.

Ive ordered tons of stuff online and never had these kinds of problems. Ever.