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Thread: Will a benchmark forgrip fit on a mag with the iframe?

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    Post Will a benchmark forgrip fit on a mag with the iframe?

    Just want to make sure, b/c i have a benchy on my mag now an dwould like to continue using it with the iframe i want to get.

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    i dont see why not.....

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    ANS Venturi
    Some Sort of paint job
    10in BoomStick

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    Yes it does. I just picked up the Intelliframe myself last week and previously had a Benchmark 1x.
    I have a Benchmark foregrip and a KAPP foregrip extender and I had no issues with fitting.
    The only issue I had was that I had to change the power tube to a smaller spacer after changing frames because I was getting a huge barrel leak after the frame change...


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    Thats good to know thanks.

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