i just had a pretty cool idea. well, actually i had it about 6 months ago, but this made me think of it . most of you probably don't remember me, but those of you who do, its good to be back. anyways, i just read this post about how the pump kits are one of the most saught after mag upgrades that people look for. the reason they are no longer made, is that they really altered the way the mag was designed to perform. this caused a number of problems. i.e. a football player could play baseball...just not well. what i was thinking, is that with the new electronic features of the emag, an electro pump kit could be designed. with the simplicity of removal of the batery by field strip screw, an adaption could easily be attatched and removed at will. all that this would really require, is a new chip and a pump. if someone wrote a chip with, say, 2 modes on it, we'd be all set. in one mode, the gun functions normaly in semi automatic. in the other mode, it is required that a second micro switch behind the pump be actuated to allow the gun to fire one shot. i doubt this would be very difficult to do. for that matter, with different springs and a screw, the pumping motion could be made as short or long, and as soft or heavy as the user desires. if some crafting went into it, the batery could probably be used as the pump grip it self. with the new site having all the agd staff people around, this idea may actually be looked at. think about it, all the tourny players with emags who like to play pump sometimes have a backup gun. the concept of an electric pump gun has never yet been implicated, due to the extreme cost. but if the rest of the gun and electronics are already there, it wouldn't cost anywhere near as much. hell, people are paying 200 bucks and up offline for one of the standard mag pump kits. anyways, if you read this tom, or any of the agd staff or forum go-ers reads this, give me some feed back. and btw, this is 100% my idea as i have been dreaming this since the original release of the angel. like i said before, its great to be back!