I just got a Warp Feed today from RogueFactor, which WORKED FINE WHEN HE DROPPED IT OFF HERE (--not his fault--). Later, though, after installing it (on a Vert-Feed Cocker, which was no walk in the park), I went to test it, only to be disappointed when it didn't work. I messed with the sensitivity to no avail, flipped the on/off switch back and forth... Then noticed that the 12v regulator had one of the wires disconnected. Went to reconnect it, and the wire disconnected from the other end (the red middle wire going from the board). Now I have a dead Warp until/unless I can get the wire reattached, which it doesn't appear I'm going to be able to do without doing some soldering, which I can't do. I guess my question is, is there something I can do? Should I send it in to AGD? If I do, will it be under warranty, after being modded with a 12v mod and an on/off switch, (which, I might add, was very professionally done)?

This is the first AGD product I've ever owned, now that I think about it. I'm very impressed with the build quality, excluding maybe the connections of the wires . I'd really like to get this thing working, any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.