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Thread: "Mags are Done" Funny Post from

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    May 2001


    i will come to that sale

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    Feb 2001

    I bid on the desk

    $15.99 - my final offer

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    Milwaukee WI
    I will never buy a marker other than a mag! Unless i win the lottery

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    Personally I like the comment that the Mags are restricked to about 9 bps. I can prove that one wrong easily. I run a stock mag with Nitro and 2 finger triger. I used to own a revy (pre BE), which are supposed to be good for about 9.5 bps. I had to upgrade to an EVolution (13.5 bps) because I keep out shooting the revy. I haven't had a chance to try a warp feed on my mag yet so I don't know if that will help or not, but based on Warpig's Load testing ( ) I think it will. Now the look on some players face who is using an Angel and Revy is priceless when they hear that. But if you think that the Mag is restricted in it's ROF you're sadly mistaken. Tom the mag is far from Dead. You are the "The Cat That Came Back."

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    Well thats good news huh tom?? lol, I just posted a reply to that thread defending you, agd, and mag owners around the world!!! lol, yea i'm tired...
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    Dye 2x
    88ci Crossfire
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    I posted on that thread supporting mags that guy is really stupid I bet he felt really stupid when he learned that the president of AGD was making fun of him
    no ref I swear its not white paint
    member of bin laden hate society

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    yeah i posted also, my name at pbnation is "mypiranhasbetter"

    i guess i didnt have my mag when i registered
    i have both.

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    Milwaukee, we eat people here...
    I got to about the second page of that thread. I don't
    know what that kid is thinking. Limited to 9 balls a
    second? Maybe if you're using an older mag on co2 and
    you've got a broken finger. At Paintball Sam's big game
    on Sunday (you shoulda came sunday Tom, the weather was
    great) I had a guy whom I shot out ask me if it was
    nessecery to wail on him at 12 balls a second. Well, yeah,
    of course it was! The paint was horrid, and from what I
    seen the marbalizer they had was even worse then the
    field paint. That's about the only time I've seen my
    mag go into "paint blender" mode.

    Maybe this kid needs to find more hobbies besides paintball
    to keep him off of crack because it doesn't look like he's
    been cutting back enough.
    Dark Cocker.
    Apocalypse 2k2 88cui 4500psi tank.

    Old Automag with a hyper frame for fun.

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    I took on my best friend and he had a impulse and I took him to school with my standard mag,and the I took him out with my Spyder shutter. because I wanted my dad to see what a mag was like.

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    Mags will never die out!

    Not as long as I am around!!! I will buy every last one of them! So all thise new kids can have a REAL gun to start out with. Long live AGD!
    Email me for low prices on ALL AGD Products and more.

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    Just look at the kid hes mommy and daddy bought him his gun. He claims to have an angle. i bet you i could whamp him with my Maverick pump, or even more of a discrace to be beeten by My VM-68 ( dont get me wrong i love VM's but mine doesnt work 50% of the time and cant hit crap)
    I cant Immagin how bad i wood beat him with my mag

    Last edited by HoppysMag; 11-06-2001 at 01:49 PM.
    "You have not converted a man because you have silenced him." -John Morley

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    Where the beer is deep. The forest is funny colored. Cloud nine is a thought away.

    Lol @ Tuna..

    You sure do seem to buy every mag you can get..
    AO #765
    CCM Series 5
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    Hyperframed Warped Mag w/flatline tank

    Good to know that somone of Tom's status seeks "relief" from a sport he helped create. A sport now ruled by a single patent.

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    Question paintball?

    Mags shoot paint

    Cockers shoot paint

    Impulses shoot paint

    Angels shoot paint

    Spyders shoot paint

    If paint hits you, you're out.

    If you hit someone with paint, they're out.

    If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.

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    deded has a good point... One mod though

    Mag shoots paint well

    Cocker shoots paint and wants attention 24/7

    Angel sprays paint and is picky about everything

    Impy's shoot paint quick but get lots of gass

    Spyders shoot paint but want lots of accessories to shoot better and look pretty.

    B.E.'s shoot paint but are at least 30% plastic...

    Good Traders:
    Tunaman, K-villeplayer, Magman007, Mastersconi, Jon/xpm, Kenndogg

    My feedback if you've dealt with me, leave some...

    Fruitcat: it's what AO doesn't like.

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    strongboy2005 Guest

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