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Thread: Lamby Feedback thread

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    yakitori Guest

    Lamby Feedback thread

    If you done business w/ lamby please leave feedback here describing how the transaction went. Please dont leave any personal info like names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Just say how you think "lamby" was.

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    yakitori Guest
    Ok, Ill go first.

    I bought an emag and a bunch of stuff from lamby, it came w/ 12V warp, 3.2 software, quick disconnects, jj edge kit w/ two size fronts and a ss jj back, revy w/ x board, stock barrel, lvl 10, and a bunch of other goodies. He even threw in a free reloader motor and board and shells. cant beat that. I would definitely do business w/ lamby again. He was THE MOST PROFESSIONAL person I have EVER done business w/ thus far on three websites combined. He shipped promptly, kept in touch every step of the way, didnt get bugged by me asking questions, and what more can you ask for from a seller.

    Great seller, great guy, great gun, great deal. A+++++

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