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Thread: Las Vegas Area... deal gone bad...

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    Las Vegas Area... deal gone bad...

    trade gone bad.

    before i exactly knew him, we agreed on a trade. more of an exchange. out of good faith on my part, i sent him an e-frame and a bottomline for his e-frame and $10.00. this was back in November. to this date, i have yet to complete this transaction.

    if anybody can help, i have full documentation of this 'deal'. from emails to USPS delivery confirmations. yes, confirmations. the first was from the frame i had sent. the second was a signiture confirmation of my copies of documentation for this in hopes that somebody responsible would get a hold of it. though, i fear it fell on deaf ears as he signed for it. if anybody can assist, please contact me. there is a reward for a successful recovery.

    anybody know if the postal service can be involved and help me out since i have been using them for this 'deal'?

    anyways, here are the stats as a warning for future traders....

    Josh Meyers
    830 North Lamb
    Unit #90
    Las Vegas, NV 89110
    last known phone: 702-459-0670.
    email starts out with 'paint4upaint4u'

    he may ask for you to send first. upon investigation, i found he was trying to deal on AO with this request.

    countless emails no longer replied. actually, the replies stopped at the same time the frame was delivered. because he was up on his emails, i felt compfortable with the trade. i do know that he is 13 years old. from a source, he is not to be trusted (wish i knew that earlier). i did speak with the mom back in December. but do not think that worked well. how mom's protect there young and all.
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    To help out the "GOD" of Spyders --- I do belive that the USPS can get involved, check out this post it has a lot of great info on Mail fraud.

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