Hi all,

First of all, I really don't mean to be an *** so plz don't take this the wrong way; but say I'd like to buy a new gun and I had narrowed down my choices to either a "classic" Emag or a special ed. 2003 Angel LCD, tell me why I should pick the Emag over the LCD.

I've already owned a couple of Angels, so plz no "Angel are inacurate/choppy/crappy/whatever" crap. Accuracy and range are not issues for me because I know that its a matter of consistancy and paint-to-barrel match. Also, speed isn't an issue either since I can't do more than 12-13 bps anyways and geez... isn't 12 bps enough already?! Now, the cheapest Emag (chrome-polished, center-feed) I could find is $800. For $850 I can get the new '03 limited ed LCD (blue C&C). Bear in mind I'd have to spend an extra 70$ for LX if I go with the Emag. The idea that you can switch from electro to mecha mode isn't a selling point for me, since I never had any problems with my LCDs and I have access to many back-up guns anyways. Also, I own a Freak set and I just discovered that I couldn't use any inserts below 0.687 with LX... which is not a problem with the LCD. I've owned a Mag in the past and breach cleaning was a pain, whereas the LCD has got to be one of the easiest guns to clean on the field (moot point anyways since I don't recall ever having to do this... but still it's nice to know that IF you ever break a ball in the breach you can easily clean it). The LCD has also an on/off switch whereas the Emag has a key.

so why should I pick an Emag over the '03 LCD?

(plz no flames)