Ok this is what you do with the data.

1. look at the marks on the ball and determine how far it rotates between each flash exposure. Use that,the distance between shots and the known FPS to determine what RPM's the ball is rotating at. When your done with this you should be able to answer the following questions:

1. What is the balls RPM?
2. Is there only one spin axis or does it corkscrew on two spin axies?
3. Does the spin maintain, speed up or slow, down range?
4. When the ball spins it has higher surface speed on one side and lower on the other. Using the RPM tell me the difference in surface speed, this figures into the Magnus effect.

Once you do this homework then we will go on to correlating the spin to the X,Y ball position in flight.

Don't post until you have this info, the data is in front of you not on PBN.