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Thread: ICANTBELIEVEIT is a good Trader

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    Thumbs up ICANTBELIEVEIT is a good Trader

    Cool guy, good trader, and great communicator need I say more?
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    Excelent trader. shipped parts to agd for me and we both got what we wante. Had a little mess up with the post office but we sorted it out.
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    fallout11 Guest

    A great guy!

    Kenny is a great guy, and an asset to the community.
    A genuine pleasure to deal with, he took the time to track me down after he lost my address, and had the barrel in my hands within 48 hours of the time he mailed it. I couldn't ask for better!
    Highly recommend, and would definitely deal with again!

    -Keith L.
    GA, USA

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    IcantBelieveit=good trader

    I agree with all the above. He is a good trader - high marks.

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    GREAT !!!

    easy transaction,,,very good trader...highly recomended..
    thanks for the tank man.


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    Thumbs up

    was great to deal with and would definatly do business with again

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    good trader

    Good seller. Communicated well and shipped as soon as I made payment.

    David Santos

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    Thumbs up

    Picked up some revy parts from him. Smooth transaction.

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    Thumbs up

    Quick payment.

    Easy to deal with!
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    great trader, easy to work with... A +++
    back in the saddle again
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    SkeL Guest
    I'll let you decide if he's a bad trader:
    We worked out a trade, my tank plus 100$ for his tank. We both agreed to ship the same day. I sent mine out because he told me he sent his out that day. I asked for a tracking # and he said that it was at home because his girlfriend sent out the tank. After getting no response from his Instant message address, finally someone responds and is supposedly his girlfriend. She says there are multiple receipts from UPS on his desk, and that she never sent it. I asked "her" to read me the states of the receipts. She named the states and I told her to name the address the Illinois package was sent to. I got no response because "she" signed off abruptly. After my repeated attempts to message him over the next few days, he says he tried sending it but UPS called him and said the Address was incomplete. What a load of BS that was.... I gave him my information again just to be sure. He comes back the next day with a tracking number, June 30, 2003. I sent mine the 26th, like we agreed. After all this bull****, he decides to tell me that some things on the tank need to be moved in order to prevent O-rings from being chopped inside the on/off, and that I need to buy 15$ pliers to do it. Great. He noted the damage well, that's about the only thing he did right. He treated me very poorly, and I would never do any business with this person ever again. He had horrible communication and lied to me many times. "yes It was sent it out, it should arrive on tuesday." Mine arrived on tuesday at his house, but his came days later. I did my part of the bargain, and it took a while for him to complete his side. I got everything He stated, but he took way longer than expected and he was extremely disrespectful to me. I was worried about when it was going out and he treated my like crap. This is some disrespectful punk kid with no manners, and can't communicate at all with a trader. I have logs of most of our conversations.
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    Follow Up: This kid put off sending the tank for 3 days...before he said he sent it..I sent him a pciture of how the max-flow was setup. And i said if you are not "stupid" and turn the on/off to won't chop o-rings. and the Snap ring could have been gotten off with a pick. but No. he decides to blame it on me..I am very sorry i work a full time job. I know i agreed upon something...but he got his tanks a few days later. He is the punk child. I will never do business with him again

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    SkeL Guest
    We agreed on a day to ship. As soon as you got on AIM, I asked if you shipped the tank out. You said YES. So I shipped mine out. Turns out you were lying. Why? I don't know. Be honest with your traders, don't bullsh1t them and play games. Don't do business with this immature, lying, no good "punk" 19 year old.

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    Good deal, straight up and Honest.

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    Good trader

    I bought a part off of Icantbeleiveit for my emag. Payed with Paypal right away. What I can't beleive is this; because he didn't ship it out right away, he gave me a full refund, and still sends me the parts I need. What a guy! Very classy way to handle the situation. I didn't expect that at all. I would never hesitate to deal with this guy. I've dealt with lots of people on AO but it will be difficult to measure up to this guy.

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    evo II

    I bought an evo II from him it came in good time the product was in the condition as explained. very good trader great to deal with.

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    Well... I've made two deals with him, and I have a love/hate feeling when it comes to dealing with Kenny. On one hand I like dealing with him because he has great prices. On the other hand, he takes foreverrrr to ship.

    On the first deal, we traded battery housings from our emags. He traded a nice housing that had carbon fiber embedded into the side straight up for my plain black one, a great deal for me. We agreed to ship at the same time, but I didn't recieve his battery housing until a month after I shipped him mine.

    On our second deal, he gave me an awesome price on an emag. I told him I needed it sent out quick for certain reasons and he promised me it would get to me in time. Well, a week went by and no emag. Then another week and no emag. So I PM'd him, no response. I PM'd him a few days later, no response. Then, another time, I saw that he was online, so I PM'd him again. No response. So finally I spent about a half hour on the internet to find his phone number, gave him a call, and he apologized greatly but had no reason why it hadn't been sent. He promised to get it out the very next day. So today I finally recieved it, about a month after I paid him, and he threw in about $65 worth of free stuff to make up for being so late. So again, A love/hate feeling towards dealing with him.

    Kenny is an honest guy, and sells great stuff in great condition. If only he could start shipping a little quicker, he would be one of the best traders on AO. But who knows when he would have ever gotten around to shipping the emag if I hadn't called him. If you read through some other feedback posts, other people have commented on his slow shipping also, but also confirm that his stuff is in great condition when it arrives and at a good price.

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    I gave a good reason I was called to New Jersey for a training class on a new product and I had nobody to ship it for me....sorry....

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