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Thread: who's into jet skis?

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    who's into jet skis?

    There are two Kawasaki X-2 jetskis for sale down my street, me and my bud are considering buying them.

    I dont have any idea how jetskis work. I'm a dirtbike/quad/anything with an engine freak so i'll learn them in about 20 seconds, but as of now, i know that they float.

    Does anyone know anything about a kawasaki x-2? Or about single/double seater cheap yet pretty fast jet skis?

    the guy is asking $6500 for the two skis and a trailer, which i think is pretty damn crazy. KBB says each one is worth about $900.

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    These things old-school standup jet-skis?
    I'm way too old for this ****.

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