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    What kind of regs do you guys suggest for 68 automags? I've got a 68 automag with a crossfire nitro tank, and then a lvl 10 bolt and an ultralight trigger pull kit, so i know that now i need a good regulator. Money isn't really an issue, but the cheaper the better. If you have any idea PLEASE email me at (it's my little brothers screen name, i didn't make it up)

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    Since money isn't an issue, you'll like to know that you don't need or want another regulator.

    The tank is 1, the gun has one built in. That's 2. Don't add any more in, as it will introduce flow problems and hinder performance.

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    ok, thanks. That's good to know. But where's the second regulator? My gun came with a gas-thru grip.

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    your valve is the other one

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    alright, cool. Thanks a lot guys.

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