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Thread: AGD xmags vs AGDE xmags, whats the difference?

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    AGD xmags vs AGDE xmags, whats the difference?

    I was just wondering what are the main differences between the xmags from the states and the ones from europe. And why the europe models would have to be sent back to europe for repairs?

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    alrighty, heres the deal, their the same, unless you got a europe xmag from a while back, and agd US will service them unless they are the older europe xmags..
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    European Xmags come with software version 2.21 which has ACE modes 00, 01, & 02. US ACE's (2.1) have 00 & 01.

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    Here's what I know,

    The first eurpoean xmags were built with "non standard parts" therefore they are the only ones who can really do service on them.Currently,I believe,the parts have been standardised and they should all be basically the same.

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    The only true difference between the two was the ACE hardware. Early model Extremes used an ACE loop (no circuit board) and had two modes 00=off, 01=service mode, and 02=ACE On. All of these modes allow you to adjust up to 20 bps. Some or the real early models also had standard E-Mag grip frames with the hump. As of December 2002 everything is the same.

    If you have doubts about whether it is US or UK you can see if it has the ACE circuit board with the on/off switch. If it does then it is either post December or an upgraded model.

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    17.5% tax (VAT) when you buy it at AGDE The govt wants their share of your fun.

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