Hello, and welcome to AO Meet & Greet!

The purpose of this forum is to help YOU get in touch with other AO members around the world! This is the place to go if you want to:

Find a player in your area. (ie, Anyone players in Dallas, TX)

Get together with AO members at an event. (ie, Who wants to get together for Skyball?)

Plan an official AO event! (ie, Lets have an AO California meet!)

Put together an AO team for an event. (ie, Lets do a 5 man at IAO.)

So its a sort of "players for players" forum, to allow you guys to hook up and actually meet one another! Thats the spirit of this forum.

If we have a large event that gets planned here, we will announce it on the main forum for you.

Good luck, have fun, and hope to see some of you around!