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Thread: AO meet and greet

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    Jun 2001
    Good Ole Amish Country, or just outside of lancaster PA

    AO meet and greet

    Well, id like to start this off, and i would like to introduce my self, and if you feel comefortable, ad your introductions your self

    name: Bill

    age: 16

    Bday: may 15

    Location: (state side) Elverson (near amishcountry) PA, (foreign exchange) Osorno, Chile

    Teams: PTG Chile, And team AFTICA for the 2003 IAO

    Marker(s): Slilver duse sfl e-mag, green acid wash phantom vsc

    Favorite word: (spanish) bufanda

    favorite tv shows: Simpsons, Futurama, Family guy, Invader Zim, The A team, Married With Children, Friends, Seinfeld, and that 70's show

    Favorite movies: Oh brother Where Art thou, Matrix, X-men, Spiderman, American beauty, Fight club, the OO/ and austin powers series, and any other movie that really makes you think.

    mods, i seem to have missunderstood the reasoning for this forum, if i have, please feel free to move the thread. Thanks!
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    Originally posted by Tom in reffrence to a post saying he acted like my dad...
    "That's right!
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    Newport News VA
    I just wanted to say that I think this forum is an awesome idea (one LESS reason to use pbnation ), and I hope everybody keeps up with it!! Plus it should clean out some of the stickys from the paintball talk board, which is always a help with my 56k!!

    **edit** woo, first one to post a reply in this forum!! EVER!!
    Calling all Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and other east coast AOers...

    AO Mid-Atlantic Meet (planning stages)

    Let us know what dates and locations work for you!!

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    Nov 2002
    Pev's at AG
    i agree with the cow!!
    Proud #2 player of team Divine Right

    AOL SN>wannabesurfing87

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    May 2001
    IN -- USA
    Yup. We're in at the start.

    Name- Nick P.
    Location- Bridgewater NJ
    Sex- Not recently enough
    Shoe Size- 11 1/2

    Marker- Level 10 Warped Emag

    Tourney- PBX Black Cell
    Rec/Scenario- NightHawk

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    Oct 2001
    name: patrick

    age: 17

    bday: october 14

    marker(s): polished classic RT, tippmann pro/carbine, F4 illustrator

    favorite word: spork : )

    favorite tv show(s): invader zim, cowboy bebop

    favorite movie(s): fight club, akira, patlabor 2

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    Feb 2002
    caught in a mosh
    I'm not posting my stats, as I dont wanna date anyone here . BUT, if anyone is looking to start a team in central MA, I am currently looking to join one. PM me here.
    X-mag #10. Nuff said.

    my feedback

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    Apr 2002
    Ledyard, CT
    Name: Steve

    Age: 29

    Birthday: Dec. 1

    Location: Ledyard, CT

    Markers: Too many to list

    Favorite word: Defenestrate

    Favorite movies: spy movies (007, Austin Powers, ...), action movies

    Favorite Sup-Air bunker: Standup soda can
    There are three kinds of people in the world: Those who can count, and those who can't.

    With understanding comes understanding.

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    The Frymarker Guest
    Hey I'll join in

    Name: Heather Frymark

    Age: 28

    Markers: Eclipse Impulse, Micromag 1st edt., Classic Tippmann 98 Custom, PTP sidearm, Spyder Special Edition, and soon to be my very own "Frymarker"

    Birthday: May 17

    Interests: Playing with my kids, keeping my hubby happy, making grips....of course, artistic endeavors, being the first to sink a Cheerio!

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    May 2002
    Seattle, WA/ San Fran, CA

    Name: Alex Kasman

    Age: 16

    B-day: June 14

    Location: Outside San Francisco in California

    Markers: None currently but have owned a Automag, cocker, angel, and spyder (next will be a Matrix or Timmy)

    Fav. TV: Simpsons, Family Guy

    Favorite Word: Meh

    Good Traders: MrMag, RogueFactor, LawFox32,Daroach,magsRus,donggie,irbodden,SIGSays, lopxtc
    BAD TRADERS: Jezus/TheEmagGuy

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    Jul 2002
    Pissin on your steps, Shelton, CT
    Hullo everyone
    Name: John Esposito
    Age: 14(15 in july )
    B-day: July 11
    Location: Shelton, CT, south western area
    Markers:Level 10 warped intelli retromag with chrome warp left body
    Fav. TV: premium blend, comedy central presents, dilbert, insomniac with dave attell
    Favorite Word: fark or shat.
    Team: Event horizon
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    Name: Willy Wood
    Age: 16, B-Day march 24th... 17 soon.
    Location: Raymond, ME
    Marker: Automage now, soon timmy.
    Other interests then paintball: Fencing, Archery, Sleeping, Movies/TV, computers

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    Nov 2002
    Name: James Cryer
    Age: 19 (at the time of this post)
    Location: San Angelo Tx
    Markers: Currently, only one Mag. I recently sold my tippmann 98 to finance my quest to build another mag.

    Team Sandbaggers.
    -We own j00 all.-

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    Feb 2002
    Long Beach, CA
    oo fun!

    name: Clare Benavides

    Age: 22

    Marker: purple/silver fade Xmag (X-Kitty) and Emag w/lvl 10 (E-Kitty)

    Birthdate: August 29

    Teams: Femmes Fatale, AGD Crew (IAO), Wildfire, AGD pride (Skyball), PGI sharks (miami super 7)

    Fav TV show(s): MST3k, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, The Critic, and Will & Grace

    Fav Food: Junk food and Italian
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    Nov 2002
    Name- Josh

    Age- 14

    Marker- System X Autococker

    Birthdate- Nov. 23rd

    Location- Cleveland, Ohio

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    personman Guest

    Re: AO meet and greet

    name: Adam

    age: 13

    Bday: April 25th

    Location: Atlanta, GA

    Teams: NONE!!

    Marker(s): Kickarse talon, a sling shot, and oh.. a green micro e-mag

    Favorite word: Getelico (not a word)

    favorite tv shows: I dont watch tv

    Favorite movies: WAYNES WORLD!!! 1&2

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    Feb 2003
    Pullman :)

    Name: Marlin Mangels

    Age: 33

    Location: Pullman, Washington

    Vocation: Teacher, Currently stay at home Daddy

    Hobbies: Miniature Games, SCUBA Diving, Gotta sell the Motorbike cause they aren't practical for Daddys, But I can spend that on my newest hobby Paintball (only my second year)!!

    Team: D.O.A.

    Markers: 68 Classic PF/HL with LX and I-frame, Tippmann A-5, Twin PT Professionals (So I can do the Chow Yun Fat thing), RT Pro is in the mail

    Fave Movie: Repo Man

    Fave Band: Ramones

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    Dec 2002
    Newport News VA

    The twisted sould that IS BobTheCow

    Name: Ryan Kelly (R. Kelly...freaky, huh??)

    Location: Springfield, Virginia; play primarily at Pev's @ AG

    Age: 16

    Team: OFF!! Subdivision Prancing Preppies.

    Sponsors: none (yet??)

    Markers: Ugh, don't go there ...but it DOES include a BE ray 1

    Interests/Hobbies: PAINTBALL, crew, scouts (done soon I hope), school if I have time lol.

    TV show: Home Improvement!! or the Simpsons.

    Band: gotta go w/ Blink 182!!!!

    lol and I SINCERELY doubt that anybody wants/needs to know anything else, other than the fact that clare and pie are awesome.

    **edit** If anybody has some spare time, a mod (maybe a job for one of our new ones??) should try and fix the sigs...the html isn't working...

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    Mar 2002
    HOWDY Y'ALL! hehhee..

    Name: Josh Rysavy

    Age: 18

    B-Day: March 31, 1984

    Team: N/A

    Marker: Currently? Warped 68 classic with some goodies... but I change markers more then some people change clothes... I also have a red anno SL-68II that thing could survive a nuclear explosion...

    Location: Loveland, Colorado... NO, IT IS NOT THE SKI AREA! but 50 miles north of Denver

    School: Colorado State University

    Lives with: Parents... doh...

    Band: Umm... no one inparticular... odds are if you aren't Pop, Country, 311, or fake-punk bands, I like the music... But hey... LONG LIVE THE CLASH!

    TV: I don't watch tv much anymore... but I always enjoy the Simpsons, Sealab 2021, Cowboy Bebop, Futurerama, Family Guy, etc, etc, etc...

    Movies: Too many to list... Memento, The Shawshank Redemption, Supertroopers, etc....

    Words: Orange Juice

    Hey Zero, how much did that Chipley cost ya?

    Originally said by Boggerman When I got married I thought it would go down too... The insurance, not the wife.


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    Oct 2001
    Durham, NC
    name: Kevin W. Cullen

    age: 18 baby...woo

    Bday: Feb 20, 1985

    Location: Durham, NC. Home of hte Duke Blue Devils

    Teams: Heart of Darkness. Rainmaker All Stars at 2003 IAO and team AFTICA for the 2003 IAO (pending)

    Marker(s): Red CnC XMag (coming soon) and Custom Rainmaker ("Rainmaker Baby!")

    favorite tv shows: Simpsons, Law And Order, The District, Third Watch, Discovery programs, History Channel, Wolf Blitzer reports.

    Favorite movies: Dumb and Dumber, The Rock, Lethal Weapon 1 & 2, more I cant remember now....

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    Jun 2002
    Chicago, IL
    Name: Sean Cullen (no relation to Kevin )
    Age: 29
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Vocation: Software education
    Markers: Hyperframed Xtra, CF MiniMag, VF Autococker, PGP
    Favorite Movie: Aliens
    Favorite Show: The Simpsons
    Favorite Book: Deathstalker by Simon R. Greene
    Favorite Band: Slayer

    Currently in the process of figuring out my life after finally gathering enough strength to overcome my shortcomings.

    Also looking for someone who is driving to Spplat 2 and/or the Megameet and would like someone to pay for their gas.

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    Dec 2002
    Name: Tom Clifford
    Age: 14
    Birthday: June 8
    Markers: Minimag, 98c
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Favorite movies: Legend of Drunken Master, Operation Condor, Naked Gun 2 and 1/2
    Favorite word: defenestrate
    (hmm just looking at the other posts here, someone else used it, well, that doesn't really matter)
    School: Loyola Academy (not the college)
    Have Xbox Live? Check out (We're oh so lonely on the forums there)

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    Dec 2002
    Southeastern Wisconsin....Automag Country
    Name: Chris Brooks
    Age: 19
    Birthday: January 18
    Location: Racine, Wisconsin
    Marker: 68 Automag Classic
    Team: Crimson Men (Captain)
    Favorite Moives: Boondock Saints, Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, Black Hawk Down, Memento
    Favorite Shows: Mail Call, The Shield
    Favorite Bands: LOSTPROPHETS, MuDvAyNe, Factory 81, System of a Down
    Quote: BUNKER FOLKS!!!!!!


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    Oct 2002
    Name: Geoff Pfeiffer
    Age: 19
    Birthday: December 14th
    Location: Racine, Wisconsin
    Marker: LX-RTP #00291
    Team: Crimson Men (Co-Captain)
    Movies: LOTR 1&2, Star Wars(all of them), Pulp Fiction, Dune, Spaceballs, Animal House, Black Hawk Down, Resivour(sp?) Dogs, Resident Evil
    Shows: WWE Raw, Dave Chappel Show, Trigger Happy TV, Stargate SG-1
    Bands: Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Soil, Factory 81, S.O.A.D., Metallica, Zombie, Ozzy, Korn, Nirvana, too many more so I can't list them all
    Qoute(s): "Bunker Folks!" "BURP"

    Moderate with Equality & Consistency in 2005!
    AO-WI: Player's List - Now with over 100 People!!!
    Karta #082
    Member #007 of the Unoffical Trina Fan Club
    Great Traders: automagfreek, ClassicMagger, Emagster, fire1811, Kevmaster, MrMag, Nicad, oldsoldier, RogueFactor, SpongeBobSquarePantsx2 , SteveDx10+, The Frymarker, Treefall25, Tunamanx3, warpfeedmod
    In Loving Memory of Eric "Po" Ison Oct. 10, 1974 - Dec. 31, 2004

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    Aug 2002

    Name: Nelson Novak

    School: Kent

    Major: give me some time it'll come

    Hobbies beside pball: partying and making wine in my free time

    Marker: [edit to clarify what kind of poo] baby poo green SFL emag

    Choice beer: Houfbrou, or Miller Light when I'm not in Germany

    TV: Kingpin, Boston Public, Simpsons
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    Jun 2001
    Good Ole Amish Country, or just outside of lancaster PA
    ehem? dont you mean baby poo green! hehehehe just razzin you! your not rellated to steve novak the webmaster are you?

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    Apr 2002
    At the bar, having a beer eh?
    Jeremy Shortt(okay, so I have a "shortt" last name. okay, it's the long version of short )

    Hamilton Ontario

    Pewter 2k Dark Angel, and of course the one and only Purple People Eater minimag. Xmag is coming...

    TV - dont watch it that much. but I love MST3K(of course)

    Movies- Army of Darkness, Matrix, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Highlander, Clash of the Titans, Blade 1+2

    fav word - irregardless(for oldsoldier)

    Beer.... CANADIAN not US water.... and of course GUINNESS!!


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    Aug 2002
    as far as I know of your talking about uncle Stevey... jk, no relation as I know of

    and c mayhem: Canadian beer= bottled urine

    Drink Wine

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    Feb 2003
    St. Charles, IL
    Name: Kevin McKiness

    Age: 19

    Born: Feb. 6th 1984

    Gun: in my sig

    TV: Simpsons, That 70s Show, Angel, Buffy, and Birds of Prey (I think it got canceled). I don't watch a lot of TV so I tend to miss a lot of the episodes.

    Movies: Army of Darkness, Evil Dead 1 & 2, Star Wars series, Space Balls, Spiderman, Lord of the Rings series, and Resident Evil.

    Major: Computer Programmer (hopefully)

    Goals: Not getting shot in the nuts or neck when I play paintball. The neck sucks and my groin is a paintball virgin and I wish to keep it that way. (maybe I should start wearing a cup?)
    Camo Green MicroMag #CF33558
    lvl 10 kit on 68 Automag A.I.R. Valve
    16 in. Black Aluminum Freak w/ All American Tip
    Black Blade Intelliframe
    12v Revvy w/ TurboRev
    Nitro Duck 88/3000 w/ Centerflag Hyper Flow 301 Reg

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    Oct 2002
    Mukwonago Those Who Know' Wish they Did'nt
    Rick Kamps


    43 yr's old March 7

    Machinist, Gunsmith, Airsmith

    FSE-LX the first Sluggo!
    Tribal 2.2 Twister

    Hobbie's, Paintball, High power Rifle Match shooter

    T.V. NYPD Blue, E.R., Third Watch, History Channel

    Movie's The Matrix, Black Hawk Down, We Were Soldier's.

    Author's Anne McCaffrey {Have all but 2 book's she's written}"The Dragon Rider's of Pern" Kick's a**

    Specialtie's Custom 1911 Gov Model Pistol's,
    Ruger 10/22 Custom Bull Gun's { My Trigger is the
    Best you can get with original part's!} if you dont
    believe me, ask Tom Kaye about his 10/22. I built it.

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