I have only been playing for a year, and mostly in Lewiston (Hooray for BK) during which time I've seen like 6 Mags. Since 2 of them belong to myself and a close friend I was hoping to meet some other folks.

This is me....

Name: Marlin Mangels

Age: 33

Location: Pullman, Washington

Vocation: Teacher, Currently stay at home Daddy

Hobbies: Miniature Games, SCUBA Diving, Gotta sell the Motorbike cause they aren't practical for Daddys, But I can spend that on my newest hobby Paintball (only my second year)!!

Team: D.O.A.

Markers: 68 Classic PF/HL with LX and I-frame, Tippmann A-5, Twin PT Professionals (So I can do the Chow Yun Fat thing), RT Pro is in the mail

Fave Movie: Repo Man

Fave Band: Ramones