TPG's First Pump Day of 2012
at The Paintball Park @ Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, San Diego

Sunday January 15th

(semi-pistols also being accepted in our group - see below for semi-pistol Rules)

Cost to play
If you Pre-Pay to get on "the list": $21 (must get on "the list" by Friday Jan 13th)
Day of Play: $25
B.Y.O.P. is always allowed and field paint is fairly priced. (there are several paint options available at the field)

There Will be a Raffle for all Paid Pump Players
Must be Present to Win (1 Ticket per Paid Entry Fee)

Additional raffle tickets may be purchased at the event

To get on "the list":
Please PM myself or E-mail:

You may Pre-Register to get on "the list" via PayPal, other arrangements may be arranged (money order or something) see below for paypal info

For Discounted entry you need to e-mail "the list", or PM me to arrange pre-registration payment by Friday Jan 13th

Field opens around 8am (I think that's when they open the gates)

I think play actually starts around 9:30-10ish. Registration will begin at 9am give or take a few minutes. Come to the TPG Pop-Up, There will be a sign

This is the first time Those Pump Guyz will be having one of our Pump Days at Camp Pendelton. So this will be interesting to see how everything go's. I hope the Pump Community can come out in Force to show them we're here, 2012 can be ours

As most of you may know this is just a once a month thing we do to get people excited about pump play, you will play with other pumpers in our own private group. There are no particular rules other than playing with some kind of pump marker.

For Discounted entry you need to e-mail "the list", or PM me to arrange pre-registration payment by Friday Jan 13th

SEMI-AUTO PISTOL RULES (any semi marker following these rules)
- May NOT be fed with more than 10 rounds
- spring feed ok
- 12grams only
- Some magazine fed pistols may not be allowed at the field - management will make that call (tag8 may not be allowed and other more realistic looking pistols)

Map & Directions to Camp Pendleton
The Paintball Park @ Camp Pendleton
Past 1306 Vandegrift Blvd into the Base Near the Rodeo Grounds
Oceanside, CA 92054

To Pay via PayPal - You can send $21 per player you wish to pay for to
Please ad a note of first and last name and/or your screen name for all players being registered - an email to "thelist" would also be a good idea.

Other arrangements may be made depending on your location. Let me know where you are and I can see if anyone I know is in the area to help you pre-register

Prize's donated by: Paintball Gateway, CCM, Carter Machine,, Fight Soap, GillyMonster.Org
Photo's Taken by: Almost Famous Paintball

Special Appearance by: Earon Carter of Carter Machine

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"the Possibles" - unpaid

Gillymonster +12

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