Pev's Big Game April 26th 2015

Pre Registration Own Equipment $25 Day of $30
Rentals Pre registration $55 Day of $60

Pre Registration Ends Friday April 24th

Check in 8am-10am

Briefing 10:00am

Chrono 10:15-11am

Game Start 11am

Game Ends 5pm

There will be several missions per team as well as counter mission. Last Big Game saw 9 Team Missions each and 9 Counter missions

Medics will have Charges and need to re Spawn to get new "Charges"

Generals and XO's to run the Teams

Team FRS Freqs Blue Team FRS Channel 14 (467.7125Mhz) Red FRS Channel 12 (467.6625Mhz)

New Field Layout from Last Game.

To Pre Register please Call 703-327-7640 to register by phone or register in person the Fairfax Pro Shop or at the Park in Aldie.

Online Registration will open April 8th : Pev's Online Registration

1) Pick the April 26th,
2) set Time to 8am then Click Availability Button
3) Pick Big Game Pre Registration.

As you fill in your info, if you want to play with your friends PLEASE put your team name in as your origination and have every one use that name. This way we can make sure you all are put on the same team.

If you have any issue, just complete the check out and we can correct it when we call to finalize the reservation.


Here are some basics from out briefings. These are subject to change. Field channels are 9-0 and 8-0 FRS.