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Thread: Emag Project~ NEED HELP~ specific weights

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    Emag Project~ NEED HELP~ specific weights

    Hello. I am embarking on a project to fashion a very light emag. For research on said project, I need to know EXACT weights for as many emag parts as I can get. I'll list all the parts I need/want to know about, and edit the post to reflect the answers I get. I'm looking for SPECIFICS please, like 10ths of ounces, actually weighed, not guessed, please. With any luck this can become a resource for all of us. Also, if you've got exact weights on anythnig not mentioned that might be relavent to my project, or anyone else who might be on the thread looking for weight information, please pop it on as well. Thanks to all of you for your help, I'll be sure to keep everyone up to date when I finally have funding to make my idea a reality.


    Stock Emag (stock valve, stock bolt L7, non ULE parts, please specify body style) = ???

    Stock Emag Body Rail = ???

    Stock Emag Trigger Frame = ???

    ULE Body Rail
    -3.6oz lighter than stock, don't know what that is though.???

    ULE Trigger Frame = ???

    Emag Bodies
    -Center feed = ???
    -Power Feed = ???
    -Warp Feed = ???
    -No Rise = ???

    SLUGGO BODIES (unmilled, just gross weight, or post milling with pics)
    -AGD ULE slug with small feed cup, without detent = 3.85oz

    X-valve (exact weight with and without bolt/spring)
    -3oz lighter than stock valve, don't know what that is. ???

    Various Angel Feed Necks (anything you've got, please specify and include pics if you've got them)

    Cocker Detents (minor, but good to know)

    Stock Battery Cover (also any milled ones, please)
    -Aluminum tom, middle, and bottome, unmilled = 127grams

    Frymark Designs Resin Battery Cover (gripped and ungripped)
    -Aluminum top, resin middle and bottom = 70.3
    -same, but with gripped middle piece = 86.2grams

    Thank you all again!!!
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    come on folks

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