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Thread: Official Brag about your car in Midnite Challenge Thread!

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    Official Brag about your car in Midnite Challenge Thread!

    Hehe... everybody always ends up putting the specs of their car in every other MC thread, so why not compile them together?

    Vehicle: Ford 2000 Cobra R
    Color: Rio Red
    Current Value: $41,139
    Reliability: 100%

    Power Rating: 516 (99.23%)
    Handling Rating: 138
    Security Stage: 2

    Best ET: 12.754@106.08

    thats only supercharged (not intercooled... yet) with a new throttle body, dampers and suspension arm too!

    As of this moment, I'm ranked 1173 in the normal game, but I'm always falling...
    Hey Zero, how much did that Chipley cost ya?

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    Well I had a Charger with supercharger and Nitrous and Intercooler and basically all the goodies. Over 600 on the power rating I believe. I was valued at around 42-4300. But i lost it in a pinkslip race and now I had to basically start over. I just bought a mustang and supercharged it and now i am gonna work myself back up.

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    So can you own more then one car in this game now? What do you do with the cars you win in pinkslip races?

    Oh, just did a few minor mods to my Cobra R now, its down to the mid 11's. I'm going to leave an intercooler off it as long as possible, thats the only way they can tell if its supercharged or not when deciding to race it, so its a nice "sleeper" look. Unless your on the dyno/tuning shop.

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    get this,
    just got the miata tunned running about 400hp. guy challenged me to a race, I had no idea it was a slips race. just lost my car with 1k in the bank!!!

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    700 PR Charger, bought to have a 66 charger

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    I just got the hang of this game. I raced a couple of Civics that were NA when I had a souped up supercharged Mustang coupe, got about 45K doin that. So I got this bad motha of a car:
    Driver Level:2
    Networth: 90,508
    Wins Losses 20/24
    Ford 2000 Cobra R
    Rio red
    Value $61,478
    Pimp Factor: 418
    PR:804 (99.38%)
    Best ET:11.144
    Vortech Supercharger: stage 2
    Nos 100-125 kit: stage 2
    Weight Stage:2
    Electronic control unit: HKS ECU Uprgrade
    Intake: HKA Super P-flow
    Header: Bassani Stainless
    Exhaust: Bassini X pipe
    Testpipe: Hooker Supercomp with H pipe
    Throttle body: Holley
    Port&Polish: stage 1
    Damper: HKS Hiper
    Suspension Arm: Kenny Brown chassis support
    Tires: Dunlop SP9000 tread: 93%
    Rims: Vold Racing GTP 19" Gold
    Brakes: Brembo Gran Turismo Big Red
    Spoiler: SHt Carbon Fiber Single Deck 56"
    Window Tint: 50% Shade
    Headlights:Hella High Intensity Discharge kit
    Fuzzy Dice: Purple fuzzy dice
    Boom system: Pionneer and MB Quart Acoustic system
    Window Visor: SHT Door Window Rain Visor
    Indiglo gauges: SHT Silver face reverse

    The only parts that I can still buy are more styling parts. The only way it'll go faster is if I get a higher DL and upgrade the stages of SC and NOS.

    And some ricer parts will make your PF go down if you put it on a domestic vehicle (IE Altezza lights or underglow kits)

    edit: I told you all about my car, please don't steal it!
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    Ford you need to tune your car a little better... I have almost the exact same setup and run a 10.5 in the quarter mile... Mess with the dampers in Test-N-Tune

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    Too many Midnight Challenge threads.....

    But anyways...


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    Koosh, I took off the intercooler so that people can only see that its NA, and it's running 780 hp. I tuned it a little bit ago and got it running 11.028 best ET. My dampers are 10F and 4R, and my tires are 50F and 34R. What are yours at?

    Alright, I used 70 credits and shaved it down to a 10.669 best ET.
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    i suck at that game my car is a 1977 mustang cobra and is worth like 1,000 dllars. i am not even on a race team i hate it i am quiting it

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    My best ET was 10.548, but I changed something and can't remember how to get it back Now its like 10.602- 10.660 around there.

    Was that your time without the supercharger?

    Another question... do you guys notice reliability to go down alot faster in the new version compared to the old? My car has broken down like 10X as often now...

    oh, and maglover52, the game is hard when your first starting, but after you get over that its actually quite fun. I'd reccomend playing for some more time, just buying and selling calenders, not even racing, until you can afford a good car to upgrade.

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    This is my car. Except mine is black.

    Vehicle: Saleen 2003 SR Street Color: Stealth Black Current Value: $133,000 Reliability: 100% Power Rating: 495 (100.00%) Handling Rating: 80

    It is COMPLEATELY stock. I Just bought it, and used the remainder of the money I had on an alarm system. Pretty cool, eh?

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