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Thread: Hey AO, I need to know that the whole world doesn't hate me.

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    Hey AO, I need to know that the whole world doesn't hate me.

    I'm in the military. I've been watching the news and it seems that everyone hates the military right now. I just want to go on record as saying that I am not a baby killer, I don't wish harm on any civilian, etc.
    I need to know that at least not everyone hates us.
    Though, it is the RIGHT of people to protest, and I have nothing against it per se, but I would like them to get a clue. I've been to Kuwait, I've seen and heard, and I think two to six months in Kuwait might change their minds.
    They need to realize that President Bush is not a bully, and he is not trying to pick a fight. He feels there is a genuine threat to the American people. Remember, we go to defend you. And, we do this gladly. It's our job, it's that simple.
    In the end, all I ask, is that you understand your point of view, whatever it might be. That is all. Don't listen to the rumor mill, and finds things out for your self. You might be surprised.

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    not all of america hates the military, just like all of america doesn't want to go to war. i'd be stupid to not admit that there IS a large threat to the united states, and something needs to be done. war is the last alternitive when all else has failed. war is never a good thing, people die (and it doesn't matter on which side they are),families miss their loved ones, and the economy doesn't seem to do so well. people in the military are told what they are supposed to do and unless you were drafted signed up on your own free will. i don't know how each persons feeling is when they do sign up but some join hoping never to see a war, and sadly some are about to see two.

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    The whole world does not hate you! No matter how people feel about the issue they do not resent/hate the soldiers involved. As people on the board know I am for working with our allies on this issue. That does not mean that I hate/resent soldiers. My cousin is a pilot in the military and two of my uncles are retired from it. The military is an important part of our nation. Still people are free to have their views in support or not in support of an armed conflict but this is different from support of the soldiers...
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    keep ya head up bro... Lots of us Military types post here and if ya need to BS im sure ya can find some of us in chat.

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    No, the whole world does not hate you.

    And as was pointed out, there are a lot of us “military types” here on AO.
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    People debate the issue because they dislike being the ones to have to always protect the world. And in fact because they fear for you guys well being. But when the time comes that you guys make the move EVERYONE is 100% behind you in doing it right and safely. We all become Americans when that moment hits. Never fear that to be the case.

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    No, I don't hate the military, just you.

    Keep up the good work that you do!

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    Another former "military type" here...

    My 19 y/o son has a buddy, whom I consider as another son, that was just sent to Kuwait 2 weeks ago with the Marines. He went knowing that there are many people here at home that keep him, and all of those like him, in our daily prayers.

    By the Grace of God, if there was any way I could take his place, I would not hesitate to put my uniform back on again to keep him and you safe.

    Whatever you do, wherever you go, please remember that there are MANY who appreciate what you and your mates do for our country and that you are always in our thoughts and prayers.

    D D Watson
    (former USAF)

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    Hey, thanks everybody, at least I know I've some support on good ol' AO. Makes me feel better. Thanks again.

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