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Thread: Strange Question - Do I have a ULT installed?

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    Strange Question - Do I have a ULT installed?

    Yeah, I know this is a weird question but here goes...
    I won that flyer contest and I got an RT Pro ULE. When I ordered it I asked for a ULT. They were going to take the gun down the D-Day and give it to me then but at the last minute a part didnt come in and they couldnt bring it..... fast forward to the D-Day game... I went the to booth and saw Tom. I introduced myself and he asked about the mag. I said it couldnt be shipped because of a missing part. Well, being the cool guy he is, the took a bunch of parts out of the boxes and built me my mag.
    Ok, there is the story. Well, I don't know if the gun I got came with an ULT. I have never shot an RT with or w/out an ULT before so I dont know how the ULT feels compared to a regular RT.
    Could someone please let me know how I can check and see if I have the ULT installed? I have a feeling that I dont but I want to make sure before I buy one.

    And yes, I do feel stupid for having to ask this...
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    if you pull the trigger and it feels like you are shooting a REAL firearm, you don't have a ULT

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    Take out the on/off, if theres 2 parts that spin freely, it has shims ,and a REALLY thin pin. It's ULT.. if not. Then no.
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    Who heavy is the trigger when you pull it? Heavy or really light?


    Ps: I can't believe that AGD would leave something so noticable out of one of there markers.
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    Take the on/off assembly out, look at the bottom of the on/off pin, if you see a hole in it you have a ULT if not we you do not

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