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Thread: Whats better Center Feed or Power Feed?

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    Whats better Center Feed or Power Feed?

    I will be building a new mag shortly and would like to know which feed system is best. I do not have the money for a warp system. I have heard that the power feed system lets any back presser escapes freely and does not prohibit the next ball from feeding. I also read that a center feed system uses the vacuum from the bolt to force the next ball into the chamber. Is any of this stuff true? I am still using the old classic mag body so anything will be an improvement.

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    Powerfeed bodies are more plentiful, thus you can find them used for decent price. also, vertical means new barrels or modifying the existing ones. Realistically, there is very little difference in feed rate. Vertical is theoretically faster by tiny bit. (someone mentioned 0.1bps faster) If you are running revvy, I recommend power feed or long vertical feed. If you have halo B, go with short vertical. Verticals can be more compact. but mostly it is personal preferrance...

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    My first centerfeed was a no-rise mag. I was never to interested in centerfeeds before because I was always afraid the hopper would fall out! The no-rise has a locking collar so that prevents that. For some of your questions I would go with the no-rise over a powerfeed because it looks sweeter, does balance out nice, and eliminates the need for elbows, also saving money. I'm not to sure about the vacuum theory but I have heard that the powerfeed does help w/ blow back gasses. Saving up for a level 10 might be a good idea to as this would eliminate chopping, regardless of you feed method

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